Outdoor Lighting – Make the Night Beautiful

Most people pay attention to the curb appeal of their home during the day, but what about at night? Outdoor lighting can combine functionality with beauty to create a home that is as appealing in the evening as it is all day long.

This Fulton home provides a good example of combining aesthetics and function with its lighting.

To start, the driveway entrance is clearly defined by low directional lights. Visitors don’t have to rely on their headlights alone to pull into the drive. The carriage lights on either side of the garage door as well as the windows on the door itself ensure that the home is easy to see.

From a security standpoint, the lighting and landscaping leave no places for trouble to hide. Even the backyard has lights that show off the trees while providing enough light to keep that area safe.

The front entrance is well lit, allowing the homeowners to see who is at the door and making sure evening visitors can see the entrance clearly. The walkways are easy to see from the street and the covered area by the front door protects guests from inclement weather while they’re waiting for their hosts.

The lines of this home are personality-rich, and the lighting really shows that. Notice how the rooflines create shadows that make the home even more attractive. Lights shining through the cross-hatched window panes add a feeling of welcome. This Fulton home provides just the right ambience for visitors and party-goers before anyone even walks in the door.