Mother’s Day Celebration for Everyone

19729670_SFor so many people who have lost their mothers, and for some of those women who never had children, Mother’s Day may not feel important to them. But this should be a day to celebrate not just mothers, but mothering.

Remember that aunt who bought you your first dressy dress? Or that cousin who took you under her wing when you moved to a new city to start your first job after college? How about the neighbor who always had cookies handy when you just stopped by as a kid? Or maybe someone else’s mom who was always available to talk when you needed another perspective.

And don’t forget women who may have no children of their own but always made time for your band concerts or dance recitals – and brought you flowers. Maybe there’s someone who baby-sat you so your parents could have some time alone when you were little, and always made everything fun.

11135532_SSunday is Mother’s Day, so why not let those unofficial moms know how much you appreciate their time, attention and love too?

Take a few minutes to say thank you for everything they offered – giving you that extra love that every child needs.

And it doesn’t stop once you’re grown either. What about the little lady across the street who always accepts packages for you and keeps an eye on your home when you’re on vacation? Or the one person in the office who always arrives early and makes coffee for everyone else?

Another point here – it may not just be women we’re talking about here. Men can be nurturing too. And while you’re at it, how about thanking mother earth who gives us all life, food, and beauty every day. Altogether, there’s much more to celebrate tomorrow than we originally considered. So stop and say thanks to all of the moms in your life.

Mother’s Day Special Gifts

12706327_SHow about flowers for Mother’s Day? Pick up the phone or hop online and in a few minutes you can have a lovely arrangement sent with only a medium hit on your credit card. But maybe you’d like to do something a bit more personal. Which flowers do you think a mom would rather have: the professional arrangement or the posies in this photo? Yes, I think so too.

Young children often make special handmade presents for mom in school to give her on her day. But if your kids are older, or you’re the adult kid planning something for your mom, you may feel obligated to do more. Or you want to make something with your children as a family to let the mom or moms in your life know that they are important.

You happen to be in luck. Even if you are fairly clueless on what to do or make, you have an amazing resource for ideas: Pinterest. Just do a search for Mother’s Day handmade gifts, or – better yet – visit the Fulton Homes Mother’s Day Pinterest board. You’ll find ideas, printable cards and pictures to color, simple yet attractive crafts, recipes, and even some fun ideas for photos for mom.

26505933_SHere’s one idea to get you started. Cut some hearts out of colored paper or scrapbook prints and spell out something special for mom to discover when she comes downstairs on Sunday. You could hang it like this photo to the right or just tape them on the refrigerator.

Above all, think of something personal, something that takes a bit of effort, and something that acknowledges how amazing life is because she’s in it. You can do this.

Mother’s Day Meal

19395648_SIt’s such a nice idea. Fix mom a special breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. Get the kids up early and make her favorite pancakes and surprise her. If you’re a mom, you may want to print this blog and leave it where your spouse or kids can see it. If you’re a dad, stop and think. Ask yourself these questions:

Have I ever made pancakes before? Sure, it doesn’t look that hard, but it’s trickier than you think. How hot do you set the pan? How thick should they be? How do you keep them warm? Where is the flour??? Next question:

Have I ever cooked with the kids before? Depending upon their ages, this could be a good idea (your 13-year-old may know where the flour is). Or it could be a very bad idea (don’t let your five-year-old measure anything – liquid or solid – unless you want some or all of it to land on the floor).

When I cook – if I ever cook – how does the kitchen look when I’m done? The sweetest mother/wife in the world will not be excited about breakfast in bed if afterwards the kitchen is a disaster.

15981311_SNow, the goal here is not to totally discourage you from a special breakfast for mom. Instead, how about adjusting your sights to match your – and your children’s – capabilities?

The simplest option is to stop at some bakery the day before and pick up some bagels, danishes, croissants, or whatever your wife likes. Buy and wash up a few berries and put some flowers on the tray. Voila, you’re finished and the kitchen looks great. Don’t forget the coffee – Starbucks if there’s one close by or homemade if you know what you’re doing.

And the kids? How about a nice hand-drawn Mother’s Day card? Check out the mom on the right. The breakfast is cereal with berries, orange juice and coffee – and the card. It’s a good breakfast and the kitchen is still looking alright. One last tip – possibly the best mom’s day gift you could give her – some extra sleep time. So hold off on that breakfast and keep the kids busy and quiet until she wakes up on her own.