Mother’s Day Celebration for Everyone

19729670_SFor so many people who have lost their mothers, and for some of those women who never had children, Mother’s Day may not feel important to them. But this should be a day to celebrate not just mothers, but mothering.

Remember that aunt who bought you your first dressy dress? Or that cousin who took you under her wing when you moved to a new city to start your first job after college? How about the neighbor who always had cookies handy when you just stopped by as a kid? Or maybe someone else’s mom who was always available to talk when you needed another perspective.

And don’t forget women who may have no children of their own but always made time for your band concerts or dance recitals – and brought you flowers. Maybe there’s someone who baby-sat you so your parents could have some time alone when you were little, and always made everything fun.

11135532_SSunday is Mother’s Day, so why not let those unofficial moms know how much you appreciate their time, attention and love too?

Take a few minutes to say thank you for everything they offered – giving you that extra love that every child needs.

And it doesn’t stop once you’re grown either. What about the little lady across the street who always accepts packages for you and keeps an eye on your home when you’re on vacation? Or the one person in the office who always arrives early and makes coffee for everyone else?

Another point here – it may not just be women we’re talking about here. Men can be nurturing too. And while you’re at it, how about thanking mother earth who gives us all life, food, and beauty every day. Altogether, there’s much more to celebrate tomorrow than we originally considered. So stop and say thanks to all of the moms in your life.