Décor Choices Bring the Sun Inside

5128757_SWe’re fortunate here in Arizona to live in a climate that gives us so many sunny days. In many parts of the country, this time of year presents gray, dark weather with plenty of rain and snow. But no matter the weather outside, you can bring the sun into your home by choosing the right colors, accessories and fabrics.

Take a look at the curtains in the photo to the left. The soft rust tone of one curtain combined with the second rich gold fabric curving over the top feels like a perfect balance of sunshine and shadow. The metallic layer on the gold curtain adds shine to the sunshine message, and the sparkles on the two-tone tassel also contribute.

10866785_SIt may be tempting to stay with the bright gold shades, but notice what happens in this photo thanks to the darker rusty orange. The contrast makes the gold seem even brighter and stronger. When you decorate your home, it’s best to use contrast to emphasize your style. Staying in the same tone range creates an uninteresting room. In this shot the contrast comes through in several ways: on the fabric, tassel and the braided tie holding the upper curtain back.

You don’t have to go for the traditional, almost baroque feel shown above to bring sunshine into your home. Take a look at the photo to the right.

Orange, gold and brown work together to create a sunny space. The metallic gold art is brightened by the contrasting dark mats and frames. In the same way, the metallic decorations on the pillows and bed runners really pop thanks to the dark brown base of the ribbon. Notice how that orange wall has depth and power. It probably took three or more coats of paint to obtain that richness.

Do you want a room that spells out sunshine? Consider these colors and an introduction of warm metallic elements to bring the sun into any room in your home.