Glass Block Creates Great Door-free Shower in Luxury Bath

With today’s larger master bathrooms, new design details can add to both style and functionality. This bath’s shower, from the Malibu model in the Shoreline community, is a great example.

Using glass block to replace traditional shower doors or curtains creates a dramatic design element. The shower’s size and layout also makes it particularly functional for couples, because the dual heads enable both to shower at the same time.

Notice the small step into the shower area. This is not just a design element. The minimal slant toward the drain the step provides keeps the water away from the rest of the room. The minimal-threshold also helps make this home work as owners get older, part of the new approach of “aging in place” that smart homebuilders such as Fulton consider with their designs.

This bathroom has all the elements needed for two. Separate vanities and sinks provide the space for couples to stay out of each other’s way while still being together. Both have plenty of storage, and the layouts are different enough that they complement each other rather than looking like twin spaces.

Design touches such as the mirror frames and the specialized trim on the tile in the shower and above the vanities add a luxurious touch to the space. The cabinetry, tile and glass block work together to give the room a rich and spa-like style. Altogether, this master bath is very functional, but the special design elements create a bath that is also inviting and comfortable.