Creating Your Own Inexpensive Spa Bathroom

We would all love to go to an expensive spa to destress and come out feeling like a rejuvenated person from head to toe. While it may not be feasible with your budget or schedule, you can create your own calming sanctuary at home. To help you master this spa oasis, we have listed a few simple tips below for turning your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like retreat. Let’s take a look!

Tranquil Colors

Spas use light colors for a calming effect that give the space an organic, relaxed feel. Pale blues and seafoam greens lend a soothing sense to the space’s overall feel. White is a great base color where you can add accents of pale blue-greens to keep the space from feeling too sterile. If blue-greens do not appeal to you, use neutral colors like taupe and linen to accomplish the tranquil feel.

Real Life Greenery

Bringing houseplants into the bathroom says “zen” more than any temporary change you can introduce. Group a small cluster of house plants in ceramic and glass containers on the counter for a welcoming and inviting feel, and do not overlook putting an orchid in the bathroom for a romantic, island-like feel. Since orchids love the humidity, they will do great in the bathroom. Just make sure they receive 3-6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Also, go to your local farmer’s market or greenhouse and buy some fresh eucalyptus. Tie the eucalyptus together at the base with some rope and hang over the showerhead. The moisture from the shower will help to spread the lovely fragrance throughout the room and the home.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. Essential oils, the pure essence of a plant, have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely. Head to your local aromatherapy store and start researching what to purchase for your spa-like bath; lavender is always a favorite. You can place diffusers on the countertop nestled in with the houseplants for a clean look. Also, do not forget lovely smelling bath salts or fresh rose petals to add to your warm and relaxing bath.

Now that you have made some quick and easy additions to your bathroom, do not forget that prolonged relaxation is a must to enjoy every second of your spa-like bathroom. Relax and enjoy!

Glass Block Creates Great Door-free Shower in Luxury Bath

With today’s larger master bathrooms, new design details can add to both style and functionality. This bath’s shower, from the Malibu model in the Shoreline community, is a great example.

Using glass block to replace traditional shower doors or curtains creates a dramatic design element. The shower’s size and layout also makes it particularly functional for couples, because the dual heads enable both to shower at the same time.

Notice the small step into the shower area. This is not just a design element. The minimal slant toward the drain the step provides keeps the water away from the rest of the room. The minimal-threshold also helps make this home work as owners get older, part of the new approach of “aging in place” that smart homebuilders such as Fulton consider with their designs.

This bathroom has all the elements needed for two. Separate vanities and sinks provide the space for couples to stay out of each other’s way while still being together. Both have plenty of storage, and the layouts are different enough that they complement each other rather than looking like twin spaces.

Design touches such as the mirror frames and the specialized trim on the tile in the shower and above the vanities add a luxurious touch to the space. The cabinetry, tile and glass block work together to give the room a rich and spa-like style. Altogether, this master bath is very functional, but the special design elements create a bath that is also inviting and comfortable.