Stylish Doormats

The first thing that greets your guests at the front door is the door mat. These functional mats can keep mud, dirt and water from getting tracked in to the house. Doormats can also be a stylish introduction into your home.


This entry hall nicely illustrates how a colorful and patterned doormat can liven up the space. The British Union Jack is a classic pattern that gives the hall a touch of Anglophile style. The red, white and blue of the mat coordinate with both the exterior and interior colors. Adding color and pattern with a door mat creates a cheerful greeting for guests and family.


Doormats can be placed on both sides of the front door. Outside mats should be a durable weather resistant material like jute or rubber. A boot scrap next to the front door is a good way to remove thick dirt, and mud from the bottoms of your shoes before entering the home. The interior door mat can be a more traditional wool throw rug, sisal or something that wicks moisture. There are so many options for patterns, prints and sizes that there is a door mat to match your decorating style.


Having a mat on the exterior and interior of the front door or kitchen door will help cut down on dirt and moisture being tracked into the home. Getting in the habit of removing your shoes by the front door is another way to prevent extra dirt from getting onto your floors and carpets.