Help your Child Redecorate – Sort and Purge

7899250_SBefore you get to the fun part of redecorating, the first step is getting rid of those things that no longer belong in your child’s room. Old clothes, toys, papers, and other items that your child has outgrown need to leave in order to clear the way for the new space you and your child are designing. There are many ways to approach this – here are a few suggestions.

Empty the closet: Chances are that there are scary things toward the back of your child’s closet. The best way to start over is to empty the closet and determine what will go back in piece by piece.

Sort into categories: Label one box give away and one throw away. If there are younger siblings, add a box for toys, books and clothes that can be passed down. One more box is a good idea – things that are no longer used but that your child is not ready to give up. Put the box away for six months or a year, and then revisit it.

Organize what’s left: Is your child growing out of shoes or clothes? Make a list of things to shop for as you discover them. Sort the clothes into like piles and plan to organize the closet around these categories. Take the time to determine any containers or organizing tools that will help that closet stay in shape.

Continue with shelves and drawers: Use this same strategy to clear out the rest of the bedroom. You and your child may even decide to eliminate or replace a piece of furniture.

This can be a tough process, but it’s a good life lesson for your child and a helpful approach for you. If you repeat this once a year, it will get easier and easier over time. And by the way, how is your closet looking?

Make the Most of your Closets

When people use their closet space, it’s common to focus on the linear space, but to use a closet to its full potential, it’s smart to take advantage of the vertical space also. The simplest approach involves putting in double hanging rods so that you have extra room for shirts, skirts and pants draped on hangers.

Thanks to today’s closet organizing options, you don’t have to limit your thinking. Fulton Homes selected Rubbermaid® options for closet organizing. For some examples, visit the Fulton website or the Fulton Homes Design Center for ideas to make your closets more functional and organized.

One of the smartest places to create space and organization is on a closet floor. Often that ends up as wasted space, or just a place to throw shoes in a heap. Instead you can use that space to set shoes in order, provide a hamper for dirty laundry or add a set of drawers.

The space above your clothing racks can also become more functional through the use of dividers and other organization tools. Rubbermaid® closet options vary with your needs and help your closets look more appealing and hold more without becoming scary disasters. This can be especially helpful with adolescents, who are often not enthusiastic about keeping their closets in shape.

For smaller children, combine drawers and lower shelves and hanging areas set so they can easily reach to hang up and put away their own clothes. You can use the space above their heads for out-of-season clothing or other storage. Also consider adding some hooks to enable the smallest child to hang up sweaters and other clothing easily.

If you take the time to think about what you and your family need in closet storage, your storage spaces will be much more functional. For additional suggestions, talk to your designer at the Fulton Homes Design Center.