Closet Organizing to Start 2015 off Right

Master closet from the Fulton Homes Legacy Community.

Master closet from the Fulton Homes Legacy Community.

Are your closets organized, making it easy to find what you want when you want it? For most of us, the answer is of course not. Why not start 2015 off by making your master closet a source of pleasure rather than frustration. Here are a few suggestions for organizing this space.

Clear the floor. Closets look worse and are harder to handle if the floor is covered with shoes and other clothing or non-clothing items. So start with your floor. If you want to have your shoes on the floor, look for a shoe-organizing unit or a small set of shelves. Tackling the rest of the clutter will seem les overwhelming once you can actually see the floor.

Get the right hangars. Often closets end up untidy because clothes slip off hangars or end up hanging by one sleeve. The new slim-line hangars hold onto clothes and take up less space in your closet. They are available in many household supply and warehouse stores as well as online. You may find you gain as much as 20 percent of your closet through using this type of hangar.

Keep your main closet area for current clothes. If you are fortunate enough to have a closet the size of this one, set up separate areas for current and out-of-season clothing. Or sort by work and casual clothes. Determine the best sorting process for your lifestyle and use that.

Take baby steps. If you don’t have the energy or time for a full closet overhaul, consider doing just one thing a week to make your closet more accessible and easier to use. Before you know it your closet can be an inviting place rather than a reminder of everything you want to accomplish.


Fulton Homes Design Online – Closets

heirloom collectionWhat could you use more of in your closets? How about drawer space? Are you looking for a special spot for accessories? For some great ideas, visit Fulton Homes Design Online and investigate the many options offered through the Rubbermaid selection of closet organizers.

This option above, from the Rubbermaid Heirloom Collection, comes in your choice of three luscious finishes – white as shown here, cherry or mahogany.

In addition to drawers and shelves, checkout these interesting options:

hamperHamper: Keep clothes ready for laundering in Rubbermaid’s 24 inch wide hamper. With a cover that coordinates with the other closet elements, it’s easy to hide your dirty laundry. You may want to consider two hampers if you bring clothes to the dry cleaners frequently.belt rack

Belt Rack: Keep easy track of your accessories in one place. The belt rack has five spaces, all capable of holding two-to-three belts.

tie rackTie Rack: Ties stay tidy and organized with the Rubbermaid tie rack. This can also be used to hold scarves and other accessories.valet rod

Valet Rod: Do you like to plan your clothes for the next day the evening before? With this valet rack, you can easily organize your clothes for any event or reason.

Your style, your life, your space and everything in its place! Take advantage of the opportunity to make your closet truly work for you every day. Visit Fulton Homes Design Online for more information on the variety of closet options available in your new Fulton home.

Make the Most of your Closets

When people use their closet space, it’s common to focus on the linear space, but to use a closet to its full potential, it’s smart to take advantage of the vertical space also. The simplest approach involves putting in double hanging rods so that you have extra room for shirts, skirts and pants draped on hangers.

Thanks to today’s closet organizing options, you don’t have to limit your thinking. Fulton Homes selected Rubbermaid® options for closet organizing. For some examples, visit the Fulton website or the Fulton Homes Design Center for ideas to make your closets more functional and organized.

One of the smartest places to create space and organization is on a closet floor. Often that ends up as wasted space, or just a place to throw shoes in a heap. Instead you can use that space to set shoes in order, provide a hamper for dirty laundry or add a set of drawers.

The space above your clothing racks can also become more functional through the use of dividers and other organization tools. Rubbermaid® closet options vary with your needs and help your closets look more appealing and hold more without becoming scary disasters. This can be especially helpful with adolescents, who are often not enthusiastic about keeping their closets in shape.

For smaller children, combine drawers and lower shelves and hanging areas set so they can easily reach to hang up and put away their own clothes. You can use the space above their heads for out-of-season clothing or other storage. Also consider adding some hooks to enable the smallest child to hang up sweaters and other clothing easily.

If you take the time to think about what you and your family need in closet storage, your storage spaces will be much more functional. For additional suggestions, talk to your designer at the Fulton Homes Design Center.