Building a Home Gym on a Budget

We are living through an uncertain time where the coronavirus pandemic has closed many businesses temporarily to prevent the spread of the virus. In a society where social distancing and home quarantine is becoming the norm, it can be very challenging to reach some of your fitness goals. In fact, many gym-goers have no had to create their own personal at-home workouts to help stay proactive and healthy during these challenging times. If the gym has been part of your structured lifestyle, you probably have been brainstorming ways to stay healthy at home. This factor is why many homeowners have decided to create their own home gyms. However, it will not take long for you to realize that creating your dream home gym is not always very budget-friendly. This factor is where proper planning comes into play. If you are planning on building a home gym, here is everything you need to consider:


The one variable that can be the most limiting is your budget. It is essential to create a realistic budget before tackling this project. As you explore the realm of home gym equipment, you can start to gather an idea of what the prices are for gym equipment. Going into any project without a plan can wreak havoc on your wallet, so before you buy, start to round up some prices of what you may want. You also want to consider, not everyone loves training at home. Gyms will eventually reopen. Do not blow your budget on something you may only facilitate for a month and never again use.


Once you have determined your budget, you can begin to purchase your equipment. While equipment may fit your budget, it may not fit your home. Gym equipment can be bulky and need extra space to keep safety at the forefront. Maybe some equipment dimensions fit your space; however, do you have adequate space to perform exercises safely and properly in those dimensions as well? This factor is why it is good to consider multi-purpose equipment. Your home may not fit a squat rack, bench, and cable machine. Yet, Power Racks or other options can have multiple functions. Likewise, it may not be practical to invest in a whole dumbbell set. This is great for commercial gyms yet not always ideal for home gyms. You may want to go a more practical route and buy adjustable dumbbells or a couple of different pairs you will use.

Personal Goals

Lastly, determine your personal goals. Home gyms can take a little creativity. What did you do when you went to the gym? Consider your workouts. If you did Pilates or yoga, do not invest in a powerlifting home gym. Likewise, if you prefer free weights, do not invest in machines you will never use. This can be a big mistake! It may be wise to buy just enough to get started. Decide if you like the setup and can workout at home. After a week, you may decide the environment is too challenging for you, or you need to invest more. These tactics can help save you money.

Home gyms are great to have, whether gyms are closed or not! This investment is a great way to convert an unused garage or basement to a more facilitated room in your home. Remember to stick to your budget and consider your space. These are tactics that will help you buy once and enjoy reaching your personal goals.

Design around your Goals

6026644_SWant to stay in shape? Dream of writing a novel? Looking to walk away from the donuts and eat more healthfully? You’re more likely to reach your goals if you design your home with those goals in mind.

An extra bedroom could become your home gym. Try out various pieces of gym equipment to help you select what you will enjoy using. Add a small television and DVD player to play exercise videos and vary your routine. Put your scale and a measuring tape in the room and maybe a calendar where you can record your progress. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, consider a corner of your family room or bedroom.

Even without a home office, you can choose a place to keep your laptop available for writing projects. Choose a spot in your kitchen or bedroom to set up a writing space. Plan your novel using post-it notes on any large expanse of wall – writing plot points on each note and arranging them in the order that works for you.

10711425_SStudies show that people are much more successful at reaching their goals if they are written down. Do you have a spot in your home that you walk past every morning? How about putting together a list of your top three goals and posting them so you see them every day?

Are there any special images or symbols that will help you keep reaching for your goals? How about a photo of a time when you were in great shape, or a sample of your last successful project? You can create your own “trophy case of the future,” by setting up a spot with reminders that keep you focused on everything that you want to accomplish.

Turn your Bonus Room into a Fitness Center

With a busy life it can get harder and harder to take the time to stay in shape. Make it easier on yourself and create your own home gym out of your bonus room!

This family put together a treadmill, a glider machine with arm action and a bench for weights to create their own mini-gym. These choices help encourage fitness at all levels. Let’s take a look at their smart decisions.

First, these machines are sturdy and professional-grade. Take the time to look up reviews of equipment before buying, and consider used equipment rather than going for less expensive options. The variety available helps you vary your routines every day. Manage your budget by adding one new machine every year. An exercise bike would be a nice addition to the choices here.

Choosing free weights rather than a weight machine saves money and supports fitness better. Studies have shown that using free weights is more effective for building muscles than a weight machine. Free weights also support balance.

A large mirror helps make you more aware of your stance while exercising. Taking a regular look at yourself supports balance and posture. The mirror is also positioned to reflect natural light from the windows.

A ceiling fan helps you keep cool as you exercise. It whisks away perspiration, leaving you more comfortable and helping to make your exercise routine more enjoyable.

Add music to enhance your exercise routine, and possibly a DVD player to play yoga or other fitness videos. Carpeting will help provide the soft flooring you need for free-form exercises. This bonus room is large enough to hold the machines as well as provide space for exercise and simple dance routines.

Make your bonus room a special space just for you – designed to get you into the shape you want to be in a fun and relaxing way – just steps from your bedroom.