Special Bedroom: Glamorous

Would you like your bedroom to echo the glamour of old Hollywood? You can create a space to make you feel like a star by using certain techniques. Here are a few suggestions.

Use silver: The cool shiny metallic look provides a mood that resembles Hollywood in its heyday. Look for furniture in silver gilt or something mirrored for a similar effect. Wallpaper like the one shown behind the bed in this image also pull silver into the room. It’s a sophisticated look.

Bring some bling: Notice the sparkly chandelier-type lighting fixtures on either side of the bed. The crystals provide the feel of diamonds in the space. The mirrors on either side of the bed reflect the lighting, doubling the light and the bling. Adding a crystal-laden light or two to your space – either as chandeliers or wall sconces – recalls a past era of glamour and poise.

Take advantage of texture: The soft white rug in this room contrasts well with the silver-coated leather covering the bed’s feet and the headboard. The shimmer of the headboard is emphasized by the old-style tufting provided by the buttons in a diamond pattern. The draperies are ceiling-high and drape gracefully on the floor. The floor itself is polished to a brilliant sheen to add another layer of texture and shine to the space.

Keep colors subtle. Silver, lavender, white and gray carry out the sophisticated theme. The subtleties of the color scheme express the feeling that this room is special and unique. It’s easy to imagine this room as the set in an old black-and-white movie. Make your bedroom a glamorous space and you can feel like a star every day.