Decorating with Your Imagination

7413509_SSo… you want to create a room that captures the imagination, with an element/elephant or two to catch the eye. Let’s make it happen.

Does the room have a natural focal point? It might be a fireplace, a view through a window, or sometimes even something like a flat-screen television. (A tip here, don’t let it be a flat-screen television if you want people to do something in the room besides watch television.)

OK – let’s assume the answer to the focal point issue is no, or not really, or I don’t think so. Now it’s your job to create a focal point – something that draws attention immediately upon entering the room. You want something too big, too bold, too there, to ignore. Here’s the first quiz: What is the focal point in this room?

Got it in one! Now, how can you make sure your spark of imagination is just as emphasized in your own home? Think big, think colorful, think dramatic, think unusual. If you decide to be conservative here, you’re going to end up with a “sort-of” focal point. Imagine moving the elephant into the next room and replacing him with the plant on the left. You’re simply asking more of the poor plant than it can manage. The elephant, on the other hand, naturally draws attention.

The final piece – create a room that draws people to the focal point rather than distracting away from it. Too many colors, three or four elephants, or even one additional animal such as a monkey, and your focal point would almost disappear into the wall. And if you’ve taken the time and trouble to introduce an elephant into your décor, you shouldn’t waste him on a room that is too busy to show him off properly.

Any questions?