A Dining Room that is Functional and Appealing

Some smart decisions help make this dining room work particularly well.

When you have the space, a buffet is always an asset. Depending upon the event, it’s nice to have the top of the buffet available for appetizers or self-help desserts. With a larger party, the chairs can be pulled toward the walls, enabling you to use both the buffet and the table for food presentation.

It’s convenient to have the dining room accessible to the backyard for indoor-outdoor entertaining. Because this dining room, from Fulton Home’s Harmonique model at Ashcreek, has access to the back patio, it can be used during a barbeque as a place to stage cold food. Or you can set it up for people who prefer to eat inside and they will still feel like part of the group.

The dramatic chandelier is hung perfectly – at 30-34 inches above the dining table. Notice that the table, chandelier and lamp on the buffet all have similar metal elements. This helps keep the room in balance given the amount of wood present.

When it comes to draperies, adding a wide border of contrasting or patterned fabric to either the top or bottom of each panel creates a striking look. This drapery length is smart. It provides some of the luxurious feeling of pooling at the floor while staying short enough to make it easy to get in and out of the sliding glass doors. The weight of the fabric is also important. A lighter panel would be difficult to manage on windy days.

Choosing wood rather than carpeting for the flooring is also a smart decision. With people coming in from outside, wood is easier to keep clean. With the right finish, once-over with a dust mop will pick up most dirt quickly.

Altogether, this room was designed for entertaining, whether you’re talking about a formal dinner for eight, or a casual pot-luck supper for several families.