Setting the Stage for Good Design: Room Layout

Creating a welcoming room begins with the furniture arrangement. This living room is a great example of a balanced room layout. It’s easy because the room is essentially a square, which lends itself to a balanced room.  Let’s take a look and see what works in this room, and what could be changed.


First, the fireplace is situated between a pair of windows, becoming the focal point of the room.  This way the seating can be set up to face both the view out the windows and the fireplace.


Second, the seating arrangement is nicely focused on the fireplace with a pair of sofas facing one another for conversation. Two chairs face the fireplace and are situated in close proximity to each other and the sofas, creating a tight arrangement that is perfect for socializing.  The coffee table anchors the seating arrangement.  It is large enough for drinks, snacks and even board games.


These are things the room gets right, but the design stops there.  Finishing touches are missing; the things that make a room feel like home need to be added. Blank walls are begging to be filled.  Accessories need to be added. A rug would center the seating area. The black and white palette could be kept or color could be added in the form of accent pillows, books, vases, objects and throws. Accessories would also add texture to the space.


Building off the basics is easy if you get the bones of the room established first.  This is where a drawing of the room can come in handy before you begin moving around the furniture. Plan first—move second.