Movie Design Inspiration: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

16689959_SIn honor of the Oscars last week, let’s celebrate movies by looking at how films can inspire room designs.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” provides a classic image of black, white, pearls and more than a bit of excess. The film made the little black dress with pearls a look that is always in style.

You don’t need a little black dress in your closet to set the stage for a room with a sophisticated and glamorous Tiffany feel. Start with black and white – a combination as classic as the movie. Black needs to be the strongest element, with only a few white elements for contrast.

10329773_SThe next step is some serious bling. The room to the right demonstrates this with the headboard, bench, sconces and nightstands sporting a metallic gloss. It really doesn’t matter whether the metal choice is silver or gold – it’s the sparkle that matters.

Notice also the ceiling molding. The edge looks something like a string of pearls – apropos for the Tiffany look.

Want to add a touch of color? The best choice to bring the movie to life would be Tiffany blue – that classic light color that covers every box from Tiffany’s.

8334795_SNo one who has ever shopped at Tiffany’s ever forgets their particular shade of blue –as much a part of their brand as the name and the store itself. If you’re fortunate enough to receive a gift from that store wrapped as the package on the left, it’s almost impossible to toss that box.

A throw pillow, vase or small box in Tiffany blue would give your room the final touch – and maybe you will feel just a bit like Audrey when you’re in it.