Special Bedroom: Charming

It’s difficult, and expensive, to find this type of unusual embroidered linens if you would like to produce a look similar to this bed. But a few handmade pieces can add immediate charm to your bedroom.

Visit a few antique stores to capture some vintage linen at a reasonable price. You may also have some luck at odd-lot stores such as Tuesday Morning.

Recreating the shabby-chic look of the bed requires some focused shopping for a simple four-poster in dark wood tones. If you paint it with a paint/primer combination that will work on the stained wood, then sand the edges to bring out the dark color underneath, you can easily get a similar effect.

This room is about layering textures until you reach the point where the space has an inviting, cushy feel. There is a sense of gentle abundance about this room, and it is pretty feminine. Notice the ruffled shade on the lamp and the few dark colors introduced by the artwork in the background. Sticking with white and off-white helps the space feel soft and integrated. With a few choice purchases, you can give any bedroom the same gentle charm you see here.

Master Bedroom Lighting Creates Relaxed Environment

While this master bedroom is spacious and inviting, the feature that makes it stand out is the lighting. This is an area that is often ignored when decorating, but its impact is significant.

This room, the master bedroom from Fulton Home’s Tehama model at Victoria Estates, actually has four lighting options available, along with a number of variations. The first choice is natural light. With plenty of windows, daylight would find this room cheerful and appealing.

In the evening, the ceiling fan provides a broad base of overall lighting with one flip of the switch. For a cozier look, keep that light off and take advantage of the spots on the ceiling. This type of lighting is softer and can be used to or provide a little minimal light. Dimmers on these lights give the owner even more options for light levels.

Finally, lamps on either side of the bed offer task lighting for a reader and add personality with the light patterns on the walls. Thanks to the variety of lighting options, this room can be brightly lit to make it easy to clean out drawers or make the bed. But it can also set a mood or just provide a comfortable space to watch television or read for a while before going to sleep.

Whatever room you work with, giving yourself a choice of lighting options makes the space more versatile. For example, spotlights can highlight artwork or just provide a little more light to brighten up a dark corner. Lamps can make a large room cozy by keeping the focus on one area. They also add a decorative touch. Lighting is as important to your décor as furniture and accessories. Like this bedroom, the more lighting options you create the more control you have over a room’s look and mood.