Choosing Art for the Bedroom

Bare, blank walls can make a room feel unfinished. Choosing what to hang where in the home can also be intimidating for some. Staring at a blank wall when decorating is kind of like a writer staring at a blank page when writing.  The blank stare can stifle us from making a decision. If you have blank walls in your bedroom, or anywhere in your home, we hope this article can help you take the first step to decorating your walls.

Bedrooms should be sanctuaries and calm places for us to restore our spirits as well as rest our bodies.  Comfortable textiles on the bed, soft flooring like carpet or area rugs on the floor, curtains that can block light all create the environment for good sleep.  You can add to the soothing and restorative qualities of your bedroom by what you hang on the walls.

Every wall in the room does not have to be filled with art. Empty spaces give the eye a place to rest. Art for the bedroom can be framed in frames that coordinate with the furniture, wall or floors. Metal frames can also add a little sparkle to the room. You can frame practically anything and it will look great on the wall. Framed art can include family photos, your wedding portrait or vacation photos. Fabric and paper can also be framed. Choose art that speaks to you. If you love it, you will love to see it as you fall asleep and wake up every day.

Personalize your Home: Art

21188321_SThis photo portrays how most people add art to their homes. However, by using the dark wall as a foil, choosing four pieces in the same style and tone, and hanging them at the same level the result goes far beyond the impact of the art itself. When you add art to your home, do you just think that you want something on that bare wall, or do you consider taking the next design step as these people did?

This photo shows more than art – it is an art installation, with as much thought to hanging the art as was taken in selecting it. As a result, we learn something about the personality, style and taste of the people who live here. What do you want your art to say about you?

15285255_SThe next photo, right shows how art can take over a space, defining it and expanding the drama. It starts with a large-scale modern piece which is used to define the colors and style of the entire room. The result is exciting and contemporary. Notice how the brown, black and light green add depth and keep the space from being too expected. Would you create a space like this one in your home?

11754859croppedFinally, don’t limit your thinking of art to two dimensions. The three African carvings below, when positioned together, add a strong focal point against the white backdrop. Separating these three pieces or not providing the strong-contrast background would diminish their effect.

Look for opportunities to showcase your culture or your travels with art. Instead of standard souvenirs, how about selecting something special that represents the best of the folk art of the area?

When you select art for your home, look for pieces that reflect your interests, taste and personality. Also, whether it’s an antique quilt from your family or your second cousin’s block print, make your art stand out by your choice of position and backdrop. That way your art reflects more than something on the wall, it reflects you.

Mix and Match Art for an Inviting Display

Are you facing a large empty wall and trying to decide how to dress it with art? One common choice is to find a generous-sized piece of art to absorb the space. This can add drama to a room and provide a burst of color.

Tapestries, quilts and other wall hangings also make an effective large-format choice. If you want an old-world look, you could visit a local architectural salvage store to explore the possibilities there. Many carry everything from stone carvings to retrieved gates and other wrought iron pieces that work well on a wall.

If you would rather showcase a selection of smaller pieces, here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Select a variety of sizes so that you create an interesting display.
  • Consider adding one or two shelves to set images on for a different look.
  • Don’t feel obliged to have all the frames match; a combination can be very inviting.
  • Don’t limit yourself to photos or paintings; look for embossed art pieces, plates or other items with some dimension to add personality.

To set up a display using a number of pieces, start by making a plan on paper and then try the arrangement on the floor before putting in any nails. If you’re still not sure of your plan, cut rectangles out of wrapping paper to match the sizes of your art and masking tape your plan on the wall. That will give you a more visual understanding of your arrangement.

Replace the rectangles with the art, checking to see that your nails coordinate with the hanging hooks or wire on the back. Start with the largest piece and work out from there.

This process can be time-consuming, but when you’re done you’ll have a lovely and personalized display.