The Awesome Hom100

Last month we wrote about some Fulton Homeowners we’re particularly proud to know. Tony Hom, who is facing the challenges of ALS, and his good friend Trevor Davenport, who volunteered to run for 24 hours or 100 miles to raise money to help fight this disease. We, at Fulton Homes decided to help sponsor the run because we’re proud to support these two amazing men. Trevor’s course circled the Fulton Freeman Farms community and Trevor ran from 9 a.m. on May 25th until 9 a.m. on the 26th.

Let’s learn about the results by drawing on Trevor’s own words and photos below. For his complete description, check out his blog here.

“The Hom100 Race Report

Hom1009 am to noon: …multiple neighbors, friends and family gathered in front of the Hom house right about 9 am and just like that…we were off.
… I sped off leaving most of the pedestrians (and Tony) behind.… My biggest concern was just staying hydrated and keeping the mood light and fun. (distance: @20 miles)

Hom100.1Noon to 6 pm: …the heat was taking its toll. A strange thing started to happen around 2 p.m. though…more people started showing up! Better yet, people I didn’t even know!

…It seemed like someone new was joining us each lap to show their support for the event and Tony. It certainly made the hottest hours of the day fly by. (distance: @44 miles)

6 pm to midnight: Several of the guys who ran in the morning actually came back for more miles…awesome!


Thanks to the Grady family (Sarah, Greg and Reagan), we had a good hour or so filled with country, blue-grass, Zumba and other assorted Barbie songs that kept us going for at least a couple laps…well, we did our best to outrun it anyway.(distance: @64 miles)

Midnight to 6 am: Night miles are the hardest. The miles go slowly and time physically slows down (well, it feels that way anyway!). Again, thank goodness for some real troopers who decided that running with me was a better idea than sleeping.

Hom100.36 am to finish: I had made my peace with simply running the 24 hours and being satisfied with whatever the mileage turned out to be. I knew it would be 90-something miles…surely a great effort by most standards right?

As we came around on that ‘last lap,’ my wife asked what my total mileage was.

“94,” I said.

“What!? You can’t be done,” she replied. “It’s the Hom 100!”

“I’m done” I told her.

But like a small flicker of flame that grows when you fan it, everyone else rallied behind her idea. Clearly, they had not read the fine print on the website!

As we started the “official” last loop, my wife stopped and gave me a kiss. She pulled her sunglasses down, exposing the tears welling up in her eyes.

“Do it for Tony,” was all she said.

Instantly, nothing else mattered…

Hom100.4The final 100 yards was full of clapping, pictures and congratulations from friends, family and neighbors. I savored the thrill of completing 100.1 miles just long enough to see Tony in his wheelchair, grinning from ear to ear. I walked over and gave that dude a hug.

He is the man, not me.

Now, I’m not going to lie – aside from Tony, the only other thing going through my mind was sitting down and putting my feet in a big bucket of ice. As you can see, I did enjoy that a little bit 🙂

…special thanks to Fulton Homes and Cadence Running Company for all their support and generosity.”

God willing, we’ll do it again next year.  Thank you, Trevor and Tony for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing event!  You two are truly special and an inspiration to everyone!

For the complete blog and link to more photos, click here.


Preparing for Awesome: A Friend’s 24-hour Run to help fight ALS

Trevor runningWe think all of our Fulton homeowners are awesome, and we’d like to tell you about one of them. Trevor Davenport understands the meaning of friendship, and it is his friendship with the Hom family (also Fulton homeowners) that led him to volunteer to run for 24 hours or 100 miles to raise money to fight ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig Syndrome.

Tony Hom was recently diagnosised with ALS and is facing many new challenges because of this vicious and incurable disease. Trevor is asking people to pledge a contribution for every mile he  runs( up to 100 miles), all of which will be donated to the ALS Association of Arizona. At present, the run is raising in excess of $30 per mile ($3,000).

At Fulton, we’re proud that Trevor chose one of our communities – Freeman Farms – to base his run. He and the many friends of the Hom family will be running/walking/cycling a 2-mile loop around the neighborhood on May 25th and 26th.

To learn more about the Hom family and Trevor’s efforts, or to donate to help Trevor support the ALS Association of Arizona, visit the following website:

Thank you, Trevor, for showing how powerful and caring Fulton neighbors can be. And if you live in Freeman Farms, you might want to take a minute from 9 a.m. on the 25th – 9 a.m. on the 26th to wave at Trevor as he runs by.