Preparing for Awesome: A Friend’s 24-hour Run to help fight ALS

Trevor runningWe think all of our Fulton homeowners are awesome, and we’d like to tell you about one of them. Trevor Davenport understands the meaning of friendship, and it is his friendship with the Hom family (also Fulton homeowners) that led him to volunteer to run for 24 hours or 100 miles to raise money to fight ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig Syndrome.

Tony Hom was recently diagnosised with ALS and is facing many new challenges because of this vicious and incurable disease. Trevor is asking people to pledge a contribution for every mile he  runs( up to 100 miles), all of which will be donated to the ALS Association of Arizona. At present, the run is raising in excess of $30 per mile ($3,000).

At Fulton, we’re proud that Trevor chose one of our communities – Freeman Farms – to base his run. He and the many friends of the Hom family will be running/walking/cycling a 2-mile loop around the neighborhood on May 25th and 26th.

To learn more about the Hom family and Trevor’s efforts, or to donate to help Trevor support the ALS Association of Arizona, visit the following website:

Thank you, Trevor, for showing how powerful and caring Fulton neighbors can be. And if you live in Freeman Farms, you might want to take a minute from 9 a.m. on the 25th – 9 a.m. on the 26th to wave at Trevor as he runs by.