Making your Home Yours – Creative Crafts

9429144_SKnitter, quilter, painter – there are so many outlets for creativity – art and craft provide a deep pleasure and satisfaction for many people. Your home will shine when it reflects your creative interests.

Adding a quilt to a wall makes a home feel warm and inviting. A comfy knitted or crochet throw that you made yourself brings you and your home together for yourself and visitors.

Many of the traditional crafts have become new again as changing textures, colors and designs give new life to older crafting methods. One advantage to crafts you create yourself is that you can select just the right colors and pattern to fit with your home’s color and style.

3776506_SIs your home traditional? Then a quilt like the one on the right might be perfect over your fireplace or hanging on a wall. If you have vaulted ceilings, a large quilt can take full advantage of the space. Smaller wall quilts or a selection of paintings can be tucked in transition spaces in your home, providing a personalized burst of color and personality.

Don’t be shy about showing off your creative endeavors. While you may strengthen your skills over time, even beginning efforts add a sense of who you are to your space, and your guests will feel more welcome in a home that has something of you in it.

When your home shows your interests and talents, it becomes a reflection of all aspects of your personality and character. Let people into your world when you invite them into your home, by demonstrating your creative side.