Smart Shower Design

Corsica Model at Ironwood Crossing 030What do you look for in a shower? Would you like space, a certain kind of shower head, lighting, style or ease of use? Take a look at this shower, from the Fulton Homes Corsica Model at Ironwood Crossing. This spacious shower seems designed to meet every desire.

Let’s start with the finish – marble rectangle tiles create a rich and inviting setting for morning or evening scrubs. The glittery mosaic of glass and metallic tiles running across at just under eye level add a welcome sparkle that works well with the brushed nickel finish on the faucets and shower heads.

The choice of clear glass for the wall and door keep the room feeling spacious, and the half-step into the shower ensures that water is under control in spite of the ease of entry. Notice the double option for your shower: a standard wall-mounted shower head combined with a convenient and flexible hand-held choice with a mounted handle that can be adjusted to a particular height. With only minimal adjustments, this shower could work well for someone with limited mobility.

By using glass block for the window, natural light comes into the room while still maintaining privacy. It’s also nice to have a towel rack handy just outside the shower while still within the framework of the shower space, keeping towels dry but providing easy access.

Notice just a couple more things – a perfect place for shampoo and soap positioned in the wall, and a small seat for convenience yet designed not to interfere with the shower itself. A lot of thought went into this shower’s design. How would it fit into your dream home?

Power Shower Creates Good Mornings

Oasis at Freeman Farms 079With our busy lives, who has time to linger long enough for a bath in the morning? This master bath, part of the Fulton Homes Whitewater model in the Oasis at Freeman Farms community, offers a generous-sized shower option. Here are a few things that make this shower something to be appreciated.

Sheer size: No running an elbow into walls with this shower. With lots of space and dual shower heads, there’s room for two on busy mornings. For those with limited mobility, this shower has plenty of room for a seat, and the handheld shower head makes washing much easier.

Step-up entrance: Rather than dripping water through the bath, this side opening provides the perfect spot to towel off after a shower. Add a couple of bath mats – one just outside the entrance and another at the bottom of the step, and your bathroom floor will stay dry easily.

Light-rich space: The glass-block window just outside the shower combined with the clear glass shower surround provides plenty of natural light to help wake you up in the morning. The feeling is airy rather than over-enclosed.

Shower with style: The tile surround complements the rest of the bathroom. The row of decorative tiles running along the upper third of the shower area adds personality. The oiled bronze shower fixtures and trim on the shower surround connect with the sink faucets and bathroom lighting to create a feeling of indulgence.

How about giving yourself a chance to start your days with a power shower in a bathroom with this level of luxury? It will help you start every morning in a really good mood!