Room with a Purpose

19115175_SDream of painting? Have way too much fabric stored in boxes and closets? Love to create pottery for yourself and friends? If you have a hobby, how about creating a special space to make those dreams come true?

An extra bedroom provides a good start. Consider a sleeper sofa if you are converting a guest room to your own space, so that guests can be accommodated when they visit.

Planning your space to make it truly work for your purpose requires more than a casual approach. Addressing the following issues will help create a space that’s perfect for you to…create.

Lighting: Artists claim that good natural light from the north works best for painting and sketching. This is great if you have a north-facing room, but if not you can add full-spectrum fluorescent lights. These will enable you to see colors inside as clearly and accurately as you see them outside under the sun. This type of lighting is also valuable when coordinating fabrics.

17471515_SStorage: Both closed and open shelving can be handy for supporting your hobby. You may want to have some shelving specially built to take the best advantage of the space you have available. Fulton Homes also offers lovely built-in options that can provide a nice looking addition to your purpose-driven space.

Work space: How much room do you need to spread out and complete projects? Balance that space against what you want for storing materials and tools. Consider fold-out tables or desks, or tables with leaves that you can add for larger projects if space is limited.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to work on the hobbies and projects you love. If you create a space dedicated to those creative efforts, you can come and go on projects without having them interfere with the rest of the house or family. And you may find yourself accomplishing more than you dreamed.