Fulton Homes and Phoenix Suns Partner for Charity

When a Phoenix Suns player hits a three-pointer, excitement is high and the crowd goes wild. But it means much more to the Phoenix Suns charities thanks to Fulton Homes. With the Fulton “Proud to own the Three-Point Zone” program, Fulton Homes will donate $100 for every three-point shot the Phoenix Suns make during any of their games this season.

Phoenix Suns charities provide grants focusing on children and young people. The areas of attention for the organization include education, health and human services, the arts and sports as well as recreation and rehabilitation.

There are 80 televised games this season and the Suns average 6.7 three-point shots per game, which means that Fulton Homes’ commitment is substantial.

“Fulton Homes is really excited to partner again with the Phoenix Suns to benefit Phoenix Suns Charities,” Doug Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes, said. “If the Suns keep their three-point game up, we could be giving quite a bit to worthy causes.”

The “Proud to own the Three-Point Zone” program is just one of many charitable efforts by Fulton Homes. With the company based here in the Valley, Fulton is committed to being a strong community partner with organizations that make a difference.

So when you watch a Suns game this season, you’ve got more than one reason to cheer when a player makes a three-point shot, because the money donated as a result will give children in our community a better shot too.