New Neighbors, New Friends

gossip-475029_1280 - CopyWhen you move into a new Fulton Homes community, chances are you won’t know any of your neighbors. But here’s the good news. You’re all new neighbors! You will have plenty of chances for casual encounters as other neighbors move in, you and your children meet at the playground and pool or walking through the community. But if you want to make sure you get to know your neighbors, here are a few suggestions to help.

Throw a welcome brunch: Saturday morning is a great time to invite people over for coffee and pastries. You don’t have to be fancy. Just pick up a variety of donuts and other breakfast treats at your favorite shop and cut up some fruit. You can hand-deliver invitations or just post an announcement on the side of the neighborhood mail box. Set it up as an open house so that people can come and go over the course of two or three hours.

Exchange contact information: When you meet your neighbors, take the time to exchange phone numbers and emails. You may even want to put together a roster of numbers and emails for everyone on your street. That way you can contact each other in case of an emergency.

Look for play date opportunities: If you see children the same age as your children in the neighborhood, look for chances to get them together. At first set up something casual such as going to the pool at the same time. Later you can plan home visits if the kids get to be friends.

A new community can feel strange at first, but with just a little bit of effort it will quickly start to feel like home.

Moving Into a New Neighborhood – Meet the Neighbors

11133993_SGetting to know your neighbors helps turn your new home into part of a community. Once you move into your Fulton Home, take the time to get to know your neighbors. It may seem difficult in these days of teaching your children about “stranger danger” and other worries, but a few simple steps can make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Welcome new neighbors: While most people won’t have time to chat on move-in day, it’s nice to take a few minutes to introduce yourself to neighbors as they move in. Just a simple hello and welcome from a new neighbor makes moving day so much more pleasant.

Stop by: Visit your new neighbors in the afternoon, or walk over when they are already outside. Many people are nervous about opening their doors after dusk, like the woman in the photo. You don’t want to make your neighbors uncomfortable by your visit.

Bring a treat: Home-baked cookies, lemonade on a hot day, or warm muffins or coffee cake say welcome better than words. Returning the container gives you another opportunity to interact with your new neighbors.

Take walks: Bringing your dog on a walk through the neighborhood every day or just walking by yourself in the morning or evening will provide plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbors. Be sure to smile and acknowledge everyone you see. The people who want to be friendly will find a way to chat with you.

Be friendly: You can’t expect to be best friends with all of your neighbors, but just getting to know them well enough for a short chat can make your community a more comfortable and pleasant place. And you never know, your future best buddy may move in next door!