Create Luck in 2013 with these Traditions

Many people know about eating black-eyed peas for luck on New Year’s Day, and in the U.S. we often toast with champagne and kiss each other as the clock hits midnight. But there are a number of other traditions across the world to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Here are a few fun ones.

Lucky yellow: In a number of countries in Latin America, it’s seen as lucky to wear yellow underwear. Some say that if you receive it as a gift it’s even luckier. Could this story have been spread by underwear manufacturers?

Bang the walls with…bread? Some people in Ireland will hit walls and doors with a loaf of Christmas bread at midnight. This is said to bring abundance during the New Year. It’s also supposed to scare away evil spirits, but I don’t think they would be afraid of bread!

Take your luggage for a walk: In Columbia and Mexico some people believe that if you carry a suitcase around the block at midnight, you ensure that the next year will be filled with travel and adventure. The suitcase can be empty, so maybe the adventure will involve losing your luggage?

Chair leaping and dish throwing: Danes celebrate the coming of a new year by leaping off furniture. They also throw china plates at the doors of their friends – breaking them to ensure good luck. The people with the most broken crockery are seen as having many friends. They’d also better have a large dustpan and sturdy broom!

However you celebrate the coming of the New Year, here at Fulton we hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you and your family!

Start Planning for the Holidays

We’re headed for the holiday season, and it’s easy to get caught up in everything you want to do until you’re overwhelmed. One helpful approach to make sure you are ready to make your holidays merry and bright is planning. Take the time now to create the framework for making holidays fun this year.

Budget your dollars: Many people end up in January with more bills than they expected. To head off this situation, spend time with your spouse or family agreeing on a budget. Be sure to include food, entertainment, cards, and any decorations as well as gifts. Add a cushion to cover unexpected expenses.

Budget your time: You may want to bake holiday cookies, decorate with abandon and write long notes to friends. Add that full-family Thanksgiving, volunteering and attending everyone’s holiday parties and you may end up too tired to enjoy everything. Combine some favorite events and projects with some time to recover and just have fun and the season will be pleasant instead of hectic.

Work ahead: Do you love homemade Christmas cookies? How about mixing up the dough and freezing it for later? Grab your cookbooks and recipe box and develop your menus for Thanksgiving and beyond. Plan for each event with grocery lists and all the recipes organized in files.  If you are going to ask Aunt Margaret to bring her sweet potato casserole, now is the time to call. Pull out your holiday card list before it starts to get hectic and address envelopes and write that newsletter. You don’t have to send them yet but wouldn’t it be nice to be ready when the time comes?

Take a few hours to plan your holidays this weekend, and you will help ensure a holly jolly time for everyone.