Create Luck in 2013 with these Traditions

Many people know about eating black-eyed peas for luck on New Year’s Day, and in the U.S. we often toast with champagne and kiss each other as the clock hits midnight. But there are a number of other traditions across the world to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Here are a few fun ones.

Lucky yellow: In a number of countries in Latin America, it’s seen as lucky to wear yellow underwear. Some say that if you receive it as a gift it’s even luckier. Could this story have been spread by underwear manufacturers?

Bang the walls with…bread? Some people in Ireland will hit walls and doors with a loaf of Christmas bread at midnight. This is said to bring abundance during the New Year. It’s also supposed to scare away evil spirits, but I don’t think they would be afraid of bread!

Take your luggage for a walk: In Columbia and Mexico some people believe that if you carry a suitcase around the block at midnight, you ensure that the next year will be filled with travel and adventure. The suitcase can be empty, so maybe the adventure will involve losing your luggage?

Chair leaping and dish throwing: Danes celebrate the coming of a new year by leaping off furniture. They also throw china plates at the doors of their friends – breaking them to ensure good luck. The people with the most broken crockery are seen as having many friends. They’d also better have a large dustpan and sturdy broom!

However you celebrate the coming of the New Year, here at Fulton we hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you and your family!