Fulton Homes: Proud of our Windows

Mediterranean-at-Ironwood-Crossing-windows-cropped-webAt Fulton Homes, we work hard to keep improving the homes we build for our customers. One example is the decision to use Vinyl Low-E Windows on all of our homes. We began this in October of 2010, as part of our ongoing commitment to build ever-more energy efficient homes.

The Eco-View vinyl window products include the latest technology in providing energy-efficient frame design while not sacrificing style or function. The Eco-view frame uses a sophisticated system of hallways in the frame extrusion. This creates a stronger frame while providing a method to circulate air throughout the frame, making it more energy-efficient. It also helps make it resistant to warping and fatigue. All Eco-view frames are made of 100% virgin PVC (vinyl) material.

Eco-view vinyl windows carry an LC25 light commercial rating. This means that these windows surpass industry standards for residential applications. These windows are part of Fulton Homes’ Energy Star version 3 program. The windows and door systems are also user-friendly and include features that help to guarantee years of reliable service and security.

Eco-view vinyl windows and doors – one more way that Fulton shows its commitment to building homes that are energy-efficient and designed to save you money on your utility bills. For more information, visit the “Fulton Cares” page on our website.

Fulton Cares

fulton caresFulton Homes believes in giving back to the community, and an important part of that is our commitment to build homes that are safe and energy efficient so that we help our homeowners and help the environment at the same time.

Our energy efficient building processes allow us to build homes today that are far more efficient than those of just three to four years ago A third-party testing group checks all of our east valley homes, giving them Power Wise certification. All of our new homes have 14 SEER AC units, higher insulation, and vinyl Low-E windows.  In addition, most of our appliances are Energy Star certified. This makes today’s homes far more efficient and less expensive to operate than yesterday’s homes.

For example, at Fulton Homes, we build well-insulated homes, demonstrating a commitment that has qualified us to be among a select few builders certified as SRP PowerWise Homebuilders. Our assurance of proper insulation includes switching from blown fiberglass to the more environmentally-friendly cellulose insulation, improving insulation around doors and windows as well as silicone-sealed transitions and openings– protecting vulnerable areas where heated or cooled air may escape a home, leading to higher energy costs. We also use Low-E Windows in many of our models, further reducing energy loss.

And if you choose, Fulton offers many insulation upgrades that can provide even more energy efficiency to your home. We believe that our commitment to you and the environment is just one example of the many ways that Fulton cares about you, your family, and our community.

Fulton Homes Named 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

carousel_quote_v2We’re proud at Fulton Homes that we have been named 2015 ENERGY STAR partner of the year.

Why is Fulton Homes committed to building only ENERGY STAR certified new homes? Because this certification ensures that you get a better house.

When we apply rigorous ENERGY STAR requirements to our new homes, the result is a home that is constructed better from the ground up, providing you with better durability, better comfort, as well as substantially-reduced utility and maintenance costs (up to 30% savings compared to a typical new home). This makes an ENERGY STAR certified home your logical choice for energy efficiency.

carousel_supergirl_3Building in Benefits for You

The fully-integrated approach to design and construction that is required to receive ENERGY STAR certification makes a difference you can see, feel, and hear. We apply these tried-and-true best building practices are applied to every ENERGY STAR certified new home, giving you the following plusses:

Reduced Leaks and Drafts: We minimize warm and cold spots through comprehensive air sealing, quality-installed insulation, and high performance windows and doors.

More Consistent Temperatures: With the installation of a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, designed for optimal performance you will experience better comfort in every room, year round.

Better Durability:With the comprehensive water management system built into your home, including flashing, moisture barriers, and heavy-duty membranes, roofs, walls and foundations are protected from moisture damage.

Improved Indoor Air: To keep your indoor fresh and refreshing, your ventilation system includes a fresh-air system that introduces a controlled amount of outdoor air. Combined with a high-performance filter, this improves air quality while reducing the dust, pollen and other allergens we experience here in the desert.

Peace of Mind: ENERGY STAR certification requires independent inspections and testing by trained and certified professionals, so you can sleep well knowing things were done right.

The average ENERGY STAR certified new home saves its families about $300 each year. And compared to other new homes, these homes reduce greenhouse gases by about 3,700 pounds per year, equivalent to the emissions absorbed through planting 43 trees. At Fulton Homes, we hope you will join our homeowners and over 1.5 million others across the United States and make the choice to purchase only an ENERGY STAR certified home.

Energy Star Home Contest

Have you been thinking of visiting one of the Fulton Homes communities lately? Perhaps you’d like to see the new Legacy community with its lovely home models filled with the newest options in flooring, lighting and appliances. If so, SRP is offering you an extra incentive to visit soon.

If you visit any of Fulton Homes communities, take a selfie inside a new SRP ENERGY STAR Homes model using the frame available in the model and post your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Salt River Project’s Facebook page with #HomeWithSRP between now and February 8th. You’ll be automatically entered to win a large-screen LED TV or an iPad mini.


And while you’re there, take a few minutes to explore the advantages of owning an Energy Star Home. These homes are designed to save energy through their design and construction approaches as well as energy-saving heating and cooling options without compromising on style or functionality.


Fulton Homes is proud to build only Energy Star Certified homes. These homes save you money every month as well as helping to protect our environment for us today and tomorrow. Tour models of these energy-efficient homes built for Arizona’s climate at any Fulton community. To find the community nearest you, visit: http://www.fultonhomes.com/our-communities. You’ll definitely want to move in!


Go to srpenergystarhomes.com for complete contest rules.


Fulton Homes’ is committed to Building 100% Energy Star Certified Homes

energy_star_photosFulton Homes takes pride in its long-term commitment to make sure every new home it builds is not only Energy Star Certified but actually surpasses all current Energy Star requirements. Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. What does this mean for you when you buy a Fulton Energy Star Home?

First, it will save you money every month. Fulton homes are well insulated, helping to ensure that the energy used to heat and cool your home is used efficiently. Fulton adds a Lousiana Pacific Tech Shield Radiant Barrier that deflects heat away from your attic to every home – helping you save on cooling all summer long. Fulton also equips every home with a 14 SEER Carrier Air Conditioner with excellent cooling and energy efficiency. Fulton’s new Legacy community offers an even higher standard: a 16 SEER Carrier Unit. And by installing Merv 6 Return Air Filters your A/C unit will run even more smoothly.

The tight construction standards Fulton Homes practices include Foam Seal on All Exterior Doors to reduce air leakage and High-performance Vinyl Windows (minimum of .35 & .25) that also reduce the UV rays from entering your home. This type of well-sealed home requires a precise approach to fresh air exchange to avoid the problem of indoor air pollution. To support that, Fulton Homes installs an outside air exchange fan.

Fulton Homes is proud to certify all our new homes to EPA’s Indoor airPLUS indoor air quality standard. To meet that goal, we only use Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) interior paints and carpeting which protect your family as well as the environment.

Finally, our Energy Star homes are inspected by a 3rd party inspection company, where exhaustive tests are performed on all Fulton homes by Energy Inspectors. At Fulton, we have an ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding Energy Star standards on 100% of the homes we build because it’s the right thing to do – for our environment and our homebuyers.


Fulton Homes Energy Star Program

energy_star_photosAt Fulton Homes we proudly support the Energy Star program and we continually work to enhance the energy efficiency of every home we build.

Energy Star is a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and s latest building practices and technologies to ensure that your new home is energy efficient and comfortable.

Fulton Homes already surpass all current Energy Star requirements so that you can rest assured that you are doing the most to protect the environment as well as your pocketbook. And with all new Fulton Homes certified to EPA’s Indoor airPLUS indoor air quality standard, you are also protecting your family.

Some of these special features include:

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) interior paints and carpeting – protects your family and the environment
  • Lousiana Pacific Tech Shield Radiant Barrier – deflects heat away from attic
  • 14 SEER Carrier Air Conditioner – excellent cooling and energy efficiency, plus a 10 year warranty on parts if registered online
  • Merv 6 Return Air Filters – helps A/C unit run more smoothly
  • Outside Air Exchange Fan – tight construction requires precise fresh air exchange
  • Foam Seal on All Exterior Doors – reduces air leakage
  • Gas Water Heater with .58 to .62 Efficiency Rating – saves on water heating costs

The Fulton Homes Energy Star Program is just one way we build homes that we’re proud of, and that you can be proud to buy and own. For more information, visit our website at: http://www.fultonhomes.com/energy-star-homes.

Fulton Builds Energy Star Homes

Fulton’s Energy Star approach to homebuilding for all of its homes ensures that your home will save you energy costs, be more comfortable, and reduce your family’s exposure to harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Our Energy Star Certified Homes surpass all of the current Energy Star Requirements. Some of the steps we take with your home include:

  • Low VOC carpeting and interior paints to minimize the off-gassing these products can release when new.
  • A Lousiana Pacific Tech Shield Radiant Barrier under your roof to deflect the sun’s heat away from your attic.
  • High-performance Vinyl Windows designed to reduce both heat and UV rays from entering your home.
  • A 14 SEER Carrier Air Conditioner which provides energy efficient cooling. It also comes with a 10-year warranty if you register it online.
  • Merv 6 Return Air Filters to help your A/C unit run more smoothly.
  • Outside Air Exchange Fan to provide the precise air exchange required to keep your indoor air fresh while still allowing you to benefit from the tight construction required to keep energy costs low.
  • Drywall Caulking at Top Plate which further seals and insulates your home.
  • Minimum 10% Bulbs to be CFL – longer lasting and saves electricity.
  • Foam Seal on All Exterior Doors – a common place to waste energy – to reduce your air leakage.
  • Gas Water Heater with a .58 to .62 Efficiency Rating which will save on your water heating costs.

As part of earning the Energy Star Certification, a third-party inspection firm performs exhaustive tests on all Fulton homes. We’re happy to share more information about the energy saving features in our homes. You’re welcome to visit our website or one of our exciting Valley Communities.