Fulton Cares

fulton caresFulton Homes believes in giving back to the community, and an important part of that is our commitment to build homes that are safe and energy efficient so that we help our homeowners and help the environment at the same time.

Our energy efficient building processes allow us to build homes today that are far more efficient than those of just three to four years ago A third-party testing group checks all of our east valley homes, giving them Power Wise certification. All of our new homes have 14 SEER AC units, higher insulation, and vinyl Low-E windows.  In addition, most of our appliances are Energy Star certified. This makes today’s homes far more efficient and less expensive to operate than yesterday’s homes.

For example, at Fulton Homes, we build well-insulated homes, demonstrating a commitment that has qualified us to be among a select few builders certified as SRP PowerWise Homebuilders. Our assurance of proper insulation includes switching from blown fiberglass to the more environmentally-friendly cellulose insulation, improving insulation around doors and windows as well as silicone-sealed transitions and openings– protecting vulnerable areas where heated or cooled air may escape a home, leading to higher energy costs. We also use Low-E Windows in many of our models, further reducing energy loss.

And if you choose, Fulton offers many insulation upgrades that can provide even more energy efficiency to your home. We believe that our commitment to you and the environment is just one example of the many ways that Fulton cares about you, your family, and our community.