Fulton Homes: Proud of our Sustainable Approach to Building

tree-webFulton Homes is committed to doing its part to use trees wisely in two ways:

Most homebuilders provide their customers with over 200 pages of paperwork, but that is not what Fulton Homes does. Instead, we give you a password to your personal MyFultonHome account. You can use this to log in securely and access all contract documents, community CC & R’s, Landscape Guidelines, Bylaws and the Public Report. Your account also provides access to your selected options with warranty information. You can also register all of your options online using your MyFultonHome account, saving you time as well as file-cabinet space.

This paperless approach to your home’s paperwork has saved over 3 million pieces of paper since we started this process, and that’s a lot of trees.

The second way we save trees is with our onsite lumber waste recycling program. We work with Waste Knot Recycling Company to help recycle lumber that would otherwise be wasted and added to land fills. Waste Knot takes all of the framing lumber waste from our homebuilding sites and uses those lumber pieces to manufacture “finger-jointed-studs.” Our framing contractors use those studs to build panelized wall systems to frame our homes.

This approach saves money and provides stronger and better-built frames as well as a significant savings in time and labor. Waste Knot Recycling estimates that this recycling of lumber waste saves over 2,000 trees a month, and we’re proud to be a part of that process.

Visit our “Fulton Cares” pages to learn more about how Fulton Homes focuses on helping the environment by saving energy and resources.