Fulton Homes and Water Safety

With the 100+ degree temperatures we face this and every summer, swimming is a great way to beat the heat. But with so many pools in back yards around Phoenix, every summer brings the tragedy of children drowning. It’s easy to blame parents when something this horrifying happens, but in reality turning your back for just a couple of seconds can lead to disaster.

This truth is why Fulton Homes strongly supports the “2 seconds is too long” campaign this summer in conjunction with KTAR-FM and Arizona Sports 98.7 to remind adults that emergencies around water can occur in a split second.

“For years Fulton Homes has proudly sponsored 2 Seconds Is Too Long in hopes of raising awareness for families to watch their children around water,” Doug Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes, said. “Being vigilant with children around water, teaching them to swim, having a pool fence and having an adult who knows how to preform CPR are all critical for protection against drowning and near drowning accidents. Drowning is a harsh reality in Arizona, and we want to continue doing everything we can to prevent another family tragedy.”

This campaign is supported by another Fulton Homes community program: the annual Fulton Homes Fence Patrol program which provides pool fences to families in need every summer.

To learn more about the Fulton Homes “2 Seconds is Too Long” campaign and the Fence Patrol program, visit our website at http://www.fultonhomes.com/news/fulton-foundation/water-safety.