Smart Ways to Get Rid of Clothes After You Do a Closet Purge

Sure, we’ve all donated clothes at some point, or had a garage sale and parted ways with old garments for a few bucks. If you’ve recently cleaned out your closet you might have discovered that many of the items you no longer want still have a lot of life left in them. Perhaps you even paid a lot of money for them and you can’t stand the thought of them ending up in a garage sale box. If so, consider these great suggestions.


“Old-reliables” such as Goodwill and Salvation Army* are always a great place to start. But there are some more specific organizations out there that would find women’s clothing especially beneficial. Look for career development organizations that empower underprivileged women to find stable, well-paying jobs. They need career wear to help these women look their best on interviews and at work.

If you have beautiful gowns or dresses hanging around, look for organizations that serve underprivileged teens who have hopes of attending formal dances in high schools. Even if the dress isn’t the exact style they have in mind, it might be a great starting piece that can be reinvented at the hand of a crafty seamstress who donates her time.

Also, consider women’s shelters in general. They often provide a haven for women and children who had to flee without the opportunity to bring along personal belongings. If you’re not sure where to find these organizations try online resources such as Charity Watch or Charity Navigator. Not only will you feel great about taking the time to find someone truly deserving, but you can also keep a record and report them as a write-off at tax time!

Host a fabulous swap party at your home or a local restaurant

The only imperative part of this is that you give everyone plenty of notice. Think about how much work it is to clean out your closet! Your guest will need enough time to get their closet purge project done before attending your party. Other than that, this is a super easy and fun way to de-clutter your closet. Simply invite everyone and serve a few goodies and beverages. Devise a basic system for the trade process and let the fun begin!

*Fulton Homes is not affiliated with or suggesting any particular organization. These are ideas to inspire you to do the most good.

Fulton Homes Noon Salute

Fulton Homes has partnered with Kool-FM to recognize our country and those who serve it by sponsoring a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” every day at noon on the radio station. Three local high school bands showcase their performances of the anthem every month.

The school with the best performance of the three for that month receives a donation of $1,000 from Fulton Homes for their music department.

Fulton Homes is pleased to support a sense of patriotism while at the same time providing some additional funds for high school music departments across Metropolitan Phoenix. With the diminishing resources for non-academic areas such as music and art, this donation can provide much needed dollars for updating equipment and purchasing new music.

Desert Vista High School in the Tempe Union High School District was awarded this month’s top honor. For more information on the award and some examples of local high schools performing, check out this link:

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