Room with a Theme

495150_SWhen you’re planning to decorate a room, think about starting with a theme. This bedroom has a strong and obvious sports theme, and the art as well as the furniture and accessories play off the idea. Themes are a great way to approach a child’s room, since they often have strong interests.

Adults can enjoy a room that shows off something about their lives or likes also. Do you enjoy traveling through a certain part of the world? How about creating a room around one of your favorite countries or regions?



You could focus a room around a collection. If you like old silver or movie memorabilia, can you put things together to make a room that showcases your favorite pieces? Think about choosing the right furniture, colors and accessories to create the mood. For example, you might want to go with a black and white look for old movies, complemented with some classic movie stills on the walls. Consider looking for a few antique items to match the feeling of your old-fashioned silver pieces.

Don’t feel obliged to make an entire room reflect a theme. Instead, you may want to incorporate just a few things to suggest a mood or idea. For example, if you like the 1950s, how about picking up an old tablecloth or some retro serving dishes or a toaster to add a fifties flair to your kitchen? Bring in a few classic fifties colors such as this green or even pink to add to the feeling.

Don’t limit your decorating to traditional approaches. Take a favorite idea and make it part of your home by decorating around the theme of your choice.