Build your Dream Room, One Piece at a Time – Coffee Table

Selecting the right coffee table involves several decisions: size, material and style. Let’s take a look at all three of these.

Size: It’s challenging to figure out the right size coffee table for your sofa and your space, but here are a few guidelines. First, if you’re working with a rectangular coffee table, look for one that is about two-thirds of the length of your sofa. You can go smaller, but not less than half your sofa length. Keep the height about the same as the top of your sofa cushions.

Remember the rest of the furniture and set up the room so that you have two to three feet of space between your table and the other furniture pieces. If you can’t spare the room, consider an oval or round table to make it easier to move around your space.

Material: Many coffee tables are wood, but you may want to consider two other choices. If you have a lovely rug in your living area that you want to showcase, consider a glass-topped table. Glass also works well to make a space feel larger.

The other issues when choosing material are children and comfort. With small children running around, you may want an ottoman coffee table. The soft edges make it a safer choice. This is also smart if you want comfort in your space. With an ottoman-style table, everyone can put their feet up. Many of these also offer storage.

Style: Choose a style that suits your home. When in doubt, go for simple. If you keep these suggestions in mind, you will easily find a coffee table that is perfect for your space.