View from a Kitchen

view-from-kitchenwIf you are someone who wants to eat healthfully, and your family to eat healthfully, unless you can afford a personal chef chances are you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you are one of those well-organized cooks who plan ahead and spend the weekend cooking and freezing meals for easy warming up during the week or if you’re inclined to throw together a salad at the end of a long day, your kitchen often becomes the place where you spend much of your family time.

So when you choose your next home, be sure to consider what you will be seeing when you spend time in your kitchen. First, is the kitchen itself appealing? Will the cabinets make you smile when you open them? Will the countertop you chose feel nice under your hands when you set out your ingredients? Do you like your faucet handle? Will your refrigerator and freezer be large enough to hold what you need it to? What extra features such as under-cabinet lighting would make your work go smoother?

Next, stand in that future kitchen and look out. How do you like the view? We think this view is pretty nice. You may see your kids doing homework at the dinner table or your spouse reading the paper, or even better helping with the dishes. You may be alone in your home and just find enjoying the view out your back doors, or appreciating how your furniture suits your new dining and family room.

When you’re choosing your next home, take a few minutes when walking through our models like this one at Cooley Station to savor the views from various locations, because they will be a big part of your life once you move into your new Fulton Home.