Entertaining Your Kids at Home

Children can be one of the greatest blessings but come with a lot of needs. For instance, many younger kids need constant attention and activities to do at home. It can become a full-time job. So, it is essential to find entertainment in your own homes that can hold your children’s attention for some time while also being safe. If you are a parent with rambunctious children, here are several at-home activities to help entertain your kids:

Host Playdates

Children play well with other children, so one of the best ways to free up your own time is to find another parent willing to alternate playdates. Some days you can watch the kids and host a playdate while other days the other parents can. This idea will be a blast for all the kids as well as be low-maintenance for the parents.

Play Outside

Playing outside is a great way to let the children enjoy and explore the outdoors. You can go to the park or let them pick some outdoor sports activities. Let your children learn to discover what activities they enjoy and dislike during their early youth. From flying kits to sidewalk chalk in your driveway, the options are endless. You can even take them to water parks, playgrounds, soccer fields, and more!

Educational Video Games or Movies

If you need to get away and have some own rest and relaxation times, a movie or an educational video game is perfect for distracting children for several hours. This idea is not the best method to keep your children productive yet can help you get the physical break you need. A healthy mommy and daddy need their rest too to be the best parents they can be.

Creative Puzzles

While action figures, barbies, and racecars are all great toys to entertain kids, try adding some creating puzzles into the mix. Encourage your kids to try puzzles, Legos, or even word searches. These creative and brain exercising activities are great for children in their prime mental growing stages.

There are hundreds of great ways to keep children entertained. Try to keep in mind what children can and cannot do alone at their age. Always keep safety at the forefront. What are some of your children’s favorite household activities? Let us know how you keep your children entertained below in the comment section.

How to Create the Ultimate Homeschool Workroom

Whether you homeschool your children or they attend school outside the home, creating an organized and inspirational place for them to do homework has a ton of benefits for everyone! The space needs to be a place in the home that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and makes it fun to learn! We have listed some easy tips below for creating the ultimate school workroom at home. Let’s take a look!

Seek the Perfect Spot

If you are like most of us, your space may be limited, so organization and using the proper furniture is critical in the overall design of the room. If your home has a basement or upstairs play area, then you have the perfect spot! Seek out locations for this learning area by looking at unused space in your home. It could even be as small as a corner in your dining room.

Make the Space Fun

You can add pops of color with floor pillows in red, blue, green, or yellow. If anyone suffers from respiratory ailments, eliminating carpet is a step in the right direction. Also, depending on your child’s age, you can use colorful geometrical area rugs, or tiled puzzled mats made out of rubber/silicone. Keep in mind standing on a hard surface can be hard on your back and legs. Rubber padded mats and rugs are an excellent option for eliminating aches and pains.

Install Shelving

In just about any case, you will need to maximize space for storage by going up by installing vertical shelving. Luckily, you can purchase inexpensive shelving from big box stores, online retailers, yard/garage sales, and second hand/nonprofit charity stores. If you are buying used shelving, you can easily paint them by using spray paint or rolling on paint with a small roller. If the surface is a laminate surface, we recommend taking a fine to medium sandpaper and hitting the surface to ensure the paint adheres to the surface. Priming before painting is also recommended.

Add Your Personal Touch

If you have the room, create a space for a reading nook and quiet time depending on the children’s age. Also, you can purchase an inexpensive water feature for relaxing and enhancing their creativity! The options are truly endless when it comes to adding your own personal touch to the space.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and have fun creating this special place for your children, and by all means, please let us know your creative ideas for the project below in the comment section!

Helping your Child Head Off to College

19670917_MDo you have a child leaving home to go to college? Even if you went away to school yourself, many things have changed. Here are some issues to address with your child to ensure that he or she is well prepared.

Space: Your son/daughter will want to bring pretty much everything they own with them to college, but most dorm rooms are cramped, and shared with at least one roommate.

Check the college website for a list of things to bring, and an idea of the amount of space available. Less is definitely better. For example, instead of bringing clothes for every season, students could bring what’s needed until the next vacation, and switch clothes out as it gets colder or warmer. Encourage your child to connect with a future roommate so that they end up with only one microwave and small refrigerator.

Security: Theft is more common than you would think in college dorms, so plan on creating secure options for your child. Laptop computers can be locked to a desk when not in use, and a locked file cabinet provides a safe place for purses, money and credit cards. You may want to arrange for a prepaid credit card for your child, adding money as it’s needed, to minimize the risk of loss. Encourage your child to lock his or her dorm room, and remind them of other security issues such as personal safety.

Health: Make sure your child has a physical before heading off for college, and have any prescriptions transferred to the local pharmacy. Pack up a box of over-the-counter items your child is used to having available to send along. You might include some favorite granola or energy bars – kids often don’t pay as much attention to eating when at school.

Preparation: College students have to handle laundry and general dorm-room cleaning. Start them on their laundry now, so they are comfortable managing that. Include laundry detergent and basic cleaning supplies and go over cleaning and home hygiene basics. Also mention food safety issues such as how long a cheese sandwich is safe to eat when not refrigerated.

You will miss your child and your child will miss you, but this is only the first step in the path to adulthood. You can send them off with the tools and support they need, and be extra generous with your advice so they won’t miss you as much as they thought they would.