Tips for Hosting Guests Overnight Like a Luxury Hotel

Having guests over can always be a good time. Whether it is for the holidays, a social gathering, or friends visiting from out of town, you want your home to feel welcoming. The best way to accommodate your guests is to consider what they may need if they were to stay at a hotel. What do hotels provide for their guests? Since hotels have mastered the art of hospitality, using some of their commonly-practiced policies in your own home can make you a guru of hosting guests as well. Here are several tricks you can take from hotels to practice in your own home:

Bedroom Comfort

One of the primary focal points to tackle is the guest bedroom comfort. Many hotels master comfort by using a high-quality mattress, pillows, and even chairs. Make sure your guest room has plenty of pillows, blankets, and seating for your guest. Everyone has their own individual sleeping styles. Adding some extra pillows and blankets can ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Restroom Accommodations

When you go to a hotel, many of them will provide you with bathroom essentials. This typically consists of shampoo, soap, and conditioner and sometimes a lotion. These are excellent accommodations to have in your own guest bathroom. Make sure your guests are familiar without how to use your shower system or any questions they may have. It should go without saying but have spare toilet paper and towels readily available as well.


While you will probably be spending most of the time with your guests, you still want them to be able to get away from everything. Nothing makes people feel more comfortable and at home that some privacy, rest, and relaxation. Provide your guest with the Wi-Fi password as well as any passwords to television streaming services.

Continental Breakfast

You do not need to set up a continental breakfast, but you can borrow the concept. Check with your guest beforehand for food allergies or restrictions. Making breakfast in the morning can eliminate them having to order food. These simple tricks can take your hosting skills to the next level.

Hosting should not be intimidating. Make sure you prioritize your guest’s needs and comfort. You can make your house feel like home to them with some of these simple tricks. For more great tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe.

Entrance Invites

Does your home’s entrance invite people to your front door? The Fulton Homes’ Whitewater model at Oasis at Freeman Farms is a perfect case study of what to do to welcome people to your home before they set foot inside. Here are some of the most inviting features.

A clearly-defined entrance: The front door is framed by the pavers and sidewalk. Some homes hide the front door at the side of the house or tuck it deep in a front porch. Everything from the half-columns that frame the front door to the small wall creating a front patio directs the eyes and the feet to the door.

Framing accessories: The two brick half-pillars, the matching ceramic planters, and even the two outdoor lights frame the walkway and the door. These features make the path to the door clear and direct you through the front yard.

Covered entrance: Although our weather is rarely inclement in southern Arizona, providing a covered entranceway creates the feeling that you want to protect your guests from the elements. It also shades people during our hot summers while they wait for you to answer the bell.

Special finishes: The pavers leading to the front entrance, the brick wainscoting, the shutters on the windows and the plants show that the homeowner cares about the impression given by the front of the home.

Final touches: Make sure your street numbers are large and clearly visible from the street. Leave your outdoor lights on for the convenience of evening guests. Provide a mat at the front door to allow people to wipe dust off their shoes before entering your home, and finally, remember to smile when you open your door. That’s the most welcoming element of all!