Elegant Master Bedroom

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-062If you want a master bedroom with all the elegance of a fine hotel, you can create it with just a few touches. Let’s take a look at what makes this bedroom special.

Padded headboard: If you like to read or watch television in bed, a padded headboard makes the entire experience much more enjoyable. This headboard is high enough to lean back without your head hitting the top, and the extra-large pillows make it easy to get comfy. A padded headboard is one investment that keeps paying you back.

Matching nightstands: There is a pleasure in the symmetry of matching nightstands. Take a look at how these two really set a style for the room. With their white marble tops and dark finish, they tie in with the headboard but still stand out. Notice the height also – a bit higher than standard to make them the right height for the raised bed.

Matching lamps: The rectangular linen shades provide a splash of sophistication. They match the bases, and also allow you to set the lamps further back than round shades would, leaving more room on the nightstands for whatever else you want to put there. The opaque shades light up the room without shining light into your eyes Рa smart choice.

Subtle colors: Grey, a soft yellow, dark brown and white create a sophisticated palette. The fabrics offer just enough pattern and texture to add interest. All in all, this room is designed for stylish comfort. Check it out at the Sycamore model at Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch.