Tips for Cleaning Your Kid’s Toys

Your kid’s toys and playsets need to be cleaned consistently to avoid potentially spreading germs and other illnesses. A lot of cleaners contain chemicals that can be just as harmful to children’s health as germs. You can avoid using harsh chemicals on your child’s toys by making an all-natural cleaner. Below, we listed ingredients for our favorite all-natural cleaner. Let’s take a look!

All-Natural Cleaner Supply List:

  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Lemon Essential Oil

How to Make an All-Natural Cleaner:

Combine one cup of white vinegar with one cup of hot water into a glass spray bottle. Add in six refreshing drops of the lemon scented essential oil. This combination is safe and effective in cleaning your children’s toys. Plus, it can also be used on your child’s playground or indoor playset.

How to Clean an Outdoor Playground:

  • Step One. Using a broom, clear off any dirt or debris that is currently on the playground.
  • Step Two. Take your garden hose and spray off any remaining dirt that may be stuck. Note: You may want to use a high-powered spray nozzle for this step.
  • Step Three. Spray your all-natural cleaner on the playground and wipe it off with a soft and fluffy rag.
  • Step Four. Repeat these steps at least once a month.

Dirty and Clean Toy Boxes:

Experts recommend that you have two toys bins, one for clean toys and one for dirty toys. Anytime a toy becomes dirty, and you do not have the time to clean it right away, place it inside of the dirty toy bin. Note: the dirty toy bin should be out of reach from your children. You should try to clean your children’s toys at least once a week.

Green Cleaning:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency encourages the use of green cleaning and disinfectants for your child’s overall health and well-being. Remember always to encourage your children to wash their hands often in order to prevent the spread of germs.

A healthy life starts with awareness and action. If you feel like you need to clean one of their toys, it is better to be safe than sorry. Try to clean toys that they frequently stick in their mouths or ones that have been used by other children.