Make the Most of your Design Center Time

Visiting the Fulton Home’s Design Center is a fun and exciting experience. Helped by one of our designers, you have the opportunity to select all of the options that will combine to make the perfect home for you.

Taking a few steps before your Design Center time will help you  determine just what you want in your home. Here are a few ideas:

Take a look at our models. Each model features different cabinetry, countertops and flooring options. This gives you a chance to see how various choices look in a home. You may want to take notes about items you are drawn to so that you can locate them in our Design Center.

Take advantage of Design Center browse nights. These evenings give you the chance to get to know the choices you have for your home. You can meet our designers and other Fulton people, take your time exploring our vignettes, and start to plan what you want in your own home. Our choices are extensive, so if you develop some ideas about what you like – and don’t like – it will make the selection process easier later.

Set priorities. You may want everything and it’s smart to decide ahead of time where you want to splurge. For example, many people prefer more expensive cabinets in the kitchen. However, a less expensive choice may work well for you and you can spend a bit more on the backsplash for a wow kitchen at a lower price. Or you may want wood flooring throughout your home and are willing to save in other areas to afford it.

Relax and enjoy the process. Your designer is a great resource for helping you making selections that will work together, and your home will be beautiful. Choosing your options is a pleasure many people will never experience. Make the most of your opportunity.