Quick and Easy Refreshers for Boring Rooms

At first glance this room is attractive enough. The space and the furnishings are new and the flooring is beautiful. It also has lovely architectural details. But the owner seems to be hesitant to add much in the way of personality to the room and this makes the design safe but also rather boring.

Any room can become more interesting with a few design refreshers. Let’s take a look at a room that incorporates some of these options and see what you may want to include in your own home. This room is modern also, but a few different choices make it much more interesting.

Paint: One wall is painted a dark rich brown. Comparing the two rooms, the brown wall softens the space and adds warmth.

Pillows: Something as simple as adding a splash of color or style with contrasting throw pillows makes a real difference. Take a look at how the pillows in the photo above disappear because they match the sofa. The pillows to the right pop!

Art: A large piece such as the one displayed here adds drama and interest to any room. Or you may want to add several smaller pieces in an arrangement. No matter your preference, art allows your personality to shine in your home.

Accessories: This image on the left shows how just a few accessories can add to the appeal of a room. The simple ladder-style bookshelf holds a few books and an interesting bowl and lantern that look as though they came from other countries. They open up the opportunity for conversation: did they pick them up on their travels? Do they collect folk art?

Look at your home objectively. Have you chosen to create rooms that disappear into the background or are you willing to add color and personality to make your home shine? How about taking a chance and adding one or more of these ideas to refresh your home décor?