An Upstairs Balcony to Enjoy

Cooley-Station-093-webMost of us appreciate outdoor living. A front porch or back patio make spending time outside more enjoyable, particularly with an overhead roof to provide shade from the Arizona sun. But what about having an outdoor living space upstairs? Here are some of the advantages:

Privacy: Most people don’t look up. With this balcony tucked away at the corner of your home, you can enjoy outdoor time without drawing attention. There’s also just enough room for you and your spouse or significant other. Here’s a nice opportunity to get away together, just the two of you, for a few minutes in the day.

The view: Whether you’re facing East or West, you will be able to enjoy a birds-eye view of the sunset or sunrise every day. With a second-story balcony you have a vista when you’re outside. While this photo was taken during construction, soon the view will include a well-settled neighborhood with green belts and other amenities.

Morning coffee break: With a balcony just outside your master bedroom, it’s easy to step outside in the morning to drink a cup of coffee, maybe read the [paper, and plan your day. Everything is better when you’re outside.

Evening relaxation: Spending a bit of time outside before bed can help relax you and enable you to let go of the stresses of the day. No need to worry about daytime clothes. Instead get into comfy PJ’s and have a seat, maybe with a cup of chamomile tea, and breathe deep. You’ll feel better and more able to fall asleep.

However you use this balcony, it gives you another outdoor space – cozy and personal – providing another way to enjoy the best of Arizona outdoors.