Hidden Kitchen Appliances

Sleek high end appliances are not always easily recognized in the kitchen. Some are chameleons that blend in almost seamlessly with the surround cabinetry. Others like ranges and wall ovens stand out in the room as focal points.


In this kitchen the beautiful pale wood on the cabinetry is carried onto the back of the island and probably the floor, wrapping the room in warm wood tones. The grey counter tops and chrome handles coordinate with the stainless steel range and hood on the island as well as the oven and microwave on the back wall.  The fridge is another story.


Counter depth refrigerators are designed to create a more uniform sight line in the kitchen. No bulky fridge sticking out beyond the counter in this kitchen. In fact the refrigerator is cleverly disguised as a tall cabinet, blending in with the other cabinets. The seamless look between the fridge and the cabinets could not be achieved with a standard depth refrigerator. Counter depth is key to achieving this look.


Not every fridge can be mounted with the same wood facing as your cabinetry. Some brands are especially designed to accommodate this type of front. Matching the wood of the fridge door to the cabinets creates a seamless look that highlights the wood of the cabinets rather than the fridge. This gives the kitchen the ultimate in cohesive design.  Cabinet fronted refrigerators can be used in most kitchen styles from traditional to contemporary to blend the fridge into the space.