Smart Packing Tips: The Right Supplies


Investing in the right supplies before you start the packing process will make a real difference at every stage of your move.

Boxes: Boxes can be picked up inexpensively through resources such as Craig’s list, but there are other more non-conventional resources. Printing companies such as Kinkos and Alphagraphics go through boxes and boxes of paper in a day. Those boxes are sturdy and the perfect size for your papers and books. Stop by and find out the best times to grab those boxes at the back of their stores. Most people seriously underestimate how many boxes they will need. It pays to add 20% to your original estimate.

Packing tape: With all the box sealing you will be doing, it’s smart to invest in a packing tape tool that allows you to seal a box quickly one-handed. That way you can pack a number of boxes and then seal them all at once, and save time. These tools are relatively inexpensive and work well.

Large Markers in Red and Black: Use the black to label your boxes with the right room and the red to mark fragile boxes. Be sure to get wide markers. You will want three or four of the black markers – one for each room where you’re packing.

Other tools such as the labeling tape shown above can be convenient, but they aren’t essential. The right tools make any job easier, and packing is challenging enough without short-changing yourself with less-than-adequate tools.