How to Share Space: Newlywed Tips

So you did it! You tied the knot and you’re blissfully married. Congratulations! Now it’s time to move in together. You thought wedding planning was hard? It might seem like a breeze after you learn the challenges of living with someone new. But harmony can be had if you do some planning ahead. Take a few minutes to read these tips on how to accomplish this big change without wanting to yell at your new “roommate.”

Purge. Then merge. The space should feel open, new, and fresh so get rid of the excess. Especially anything you’ll have two of: toasters, blenders, and so forth.

Decide on a basic design scheme ahead of time so you can make informed decisions about what to bring along and what to leave behind. This is especially important with furniture because it’s burdensome and expensive to move. By knowing your general decorating guidelines you can decide things such as, “Should we keep the blue sofa?” Answer, “Blue isn’t in our color scheme.” So the sofa goes and there was no need to debate over it.

Be respectful of sentimental or prized belongings. Each of you is sure to have a few possessions that mean the world to you. These are not good things to deliberate over. Just keep them, and decide together whether they will end up in a shared space or tucked away in one of your respective personal places such as a trunk or closet.

Try it before you fly it. By this we mean, don’t be too quick to say no to every single thing your spouse wants to try keeping in the home. Let some things in as an experiment. If you still hate them in sixty days, then reasses. The art of compromise is hugely valuable and this is a great way to practice it.

Set up a large empty basket for each of you. Choose your favorite colors if you like. This is the new receptacle for all of the stuff you leave lying around that drives your spouse crazy. You’re not used to all of his gadgets and he’s not used to all of your accessories. Create a place where it’s easy for either of you to create “out of sight, out of mind.’