Moving into a new neighborhood – Settling In

7664690_SWithin a month or so after moving into your new Fulton Home, if you make a little effort, you’ll have gotten to know some of your neighbors. As a “veteran” homeowner, you can participate in a few ideas to strengthen your neighborhood’s connections. You may want to try one or more of these ideas.

Plan a block party. Choose a central location and a Saturday afternoon/evening. You can do a “bring your own entrée,” with grills hot and ready for cooking. Include a pot-luck for side dishes and desserts. Consider featuring a children’s table or two with party favors and a teen table with music to help normally shy youngsters to get to know each other.

Create a babysitting resource: People with young children and the teenagers looking for babysitting work will appreciate a way to connect with each other. This can either be printed or online. It would be nice to include a few parent recommendations and an idea of costs per hour and any restrictions.

Put together a roster of neighbors: Names, addresses, phone numbers and emails allow neighbors to stay in touch. This is also a good source for who to contact if you notice someone has left car lights on or something suspicious is occurring on a neighbor’s property.

Assemble a dog-tracking list: Photos of neighbor dogs, along with their names, basic behavior and names and addresses/phone numbers of owners can help lost pets find their way home quickly. Someone who is not comfortable approaching a strange dog can still contact an owner based on a photo. Dog owners will appreciate neighbors letting them know if Toby or Gracie has slipped out of the yard and is wandering loose.

Take an active role and you can help make your new Fulton neighborhood a special community for you, your family and everyone who lives there.

Moving Into a New Neighborhood – Discovery

12197961_SWhen you move into your new Fulton home, plan on spending some time unpacking and organizing. You probably won’t feel settled until some rooms such as your kitchen and bedroom are fully set up the way you want them.

But you can start settling into your new neighborhood even before the movers arrive. With the move, you may need to shop at new grocery stores, find a new dry cleaner and gas station, and spend time getting to know your new neighborhood. You can make the transition easier for you and your family if you do a little exploring before the move. Here are a few suggestions.

Drive around: Either with your family or by yourself, take an afternoon or evening to drive around your new neighborhood. Look for convenient shopping areas. Take note of neighborhood restaurants that you might enjoy.

Stop to eat: Bring your family to eat at a local restaurant or café that looks interesting. You may even want to try a couple of places over a week or so. This may start creating the feeling that you are already part of your new community.

Visit local community places: If you are a churchgoer, you may want to consider a church near your new home. If not, look for a park with a playground or a community center. Visiting places such as these can allow you to meet some of your future neighbors and start feeling more at home.

Whatever you value in your current neighborhood, you will be able to find something like it in your new place. Take the time to explore and discover, and you can feel connected even before your home is finished.