Electronics at Home: The Right Place(s)

5737692_SHave a project left from work that you need to finish at home tonight? Is it hard to keep your kids focused on their homework when the weather is still so nice outside? It’s time to set your home up for anyplace laptop use.

Make your home as functional as your local coffee-shop with in-house Wi-Fi. A wireless network provides so many advantages for everyone in the family. Here are just a few:

Anywhere homework: Want your children under your eyes while they’re surfing the net? They can set themselves down at the kitchen snack bar and get their work done while you finish up dinner.

Anywhere access: You can catch up on a favorite television series online while baking cookies, or check out the day’s news while brushing your teeth in the bathroom. Can’t remember the ingredients for that soufflé? Look up Paula Deen’s version on your tablet without leaving the kitchen.

Al Fresco surfing: Get comfy on your back patio and finish up that project without having to lose the last of the luscious weather. Somehow even the tedious stuff is more enjoyable when you’re feeling the breeze and enjoying the sun as you get your work done.

A few tips: Be sure to invest in security to go along with your Wi-Fi access, so that the uninvited can’t access your Internet or your personal information. Unless you’re well-schooled in setting up a wireless network, you may want to hire a professional to make sure the new access is all fun and no trouble.

Also, remember that a wireless network allows you to pool peripherals such as printers. Having everyone in your family use the same printer means that you can afford a more expensive choice, such as a color laser printer.