Choosing the Kitchen Faucet for your Fulton Home

Fuacets Design Center 022We use faucets every day but don’t really think about them. However, when you walk into the Fulton Design Center to select your kitchen faucet, it pays to consider what you want in terms of both function and style.

Take a look at the faucet selected for the kitchen above. It’s a simple style that would work well in a traditional and a more eclectic kitchen design. The polished nickel finish works beautifully with the stainless appliances while showing fewer water spots than chrome.

Notice the high profile of this faucet. This provides room underneath to easily fill large pots and pitchers. The handle is ergonomically sound. The lever style makes it easy to control with one hand. It also has a pull down sprayer that’s incorporated into the faucet itself rather than set separately. Many of today’s faucets are designed this way.

Some faucets offer water patterns that range from a standard flow to a strong spray designed for rinsing fruits, vegetables or dishes. Many cooks find that they really appreciate the spray option. While you’re selecting your kitchen faucet, you may want to add one or more built-in soap dispensers. It’s tidy and convenient to have easy built-in access to both hand and dish soap without having to pull a container out from under the sink.

Finally, if you’re creating a kitchen with an old-fashioned country look, be sure to take a peek at the pump-style kitchen faucet. It has all the functionality of the modern faucet, while showing a style and finish that makes it feel like it came from your great-grandparents’ time.

You’ll enjoy checking out all of the choices available to you for your kitchen faucet in your new Fulton Home.

Choosing Faucets

Many people think all faucets are a lot alike. But once you really review your options you may be surprised at the differences. Here are a couple of things to consider when you’re making kitchen and bath faucet selections.

To begin, think about functionality. Do you want a kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer to rinse out your sink or fill large pots? You may also want enough height to fill tall containers. What about extras such as a built-in soap dispenser?

It’s a good idea to take the time to feel the handles to see if they fit well in your hands as you turn them on and off. Would you rather have a one-handled faucet that moves to set the temperature or two handles?

Have you decided on your finish? If you are selecting stainless appliances, you’ll want to choose a finish that works well with them. Also, think about matching the style of your faucet to your kitchen. With a modern kitchen look for one with clean lines, while a traditional or country-style kitchen allows you to choose a more old-fashioned style.

In the bath, take the time to learn how the shower head and faucet and options work to make sure you choose something that you will be comfortable using every day. Once again, coordinate your faucet with your chosen bath design and towel racks. A bath is a great place to experiment. How about trying a different finish to step up the style?

Yes, all faucets give you hot and cold water when you turn them on, but it’s worthwhile to consider both function and fashion when you make your final choices.