Electronics at Home: The Fulton Homes Drop Zone

Drop-ZoneWhen you move into a new Fulton Home, one of the first steps is deciding where to charge your electronic gear – phones, tablets and laptops. The Fulton Drop Zone provides the perfect solution.

This example of a Drop Zone, from Peninsula at Freeman Farms, has charging space, with a counter large enough to hold everything. Cabinets, shelves and drawers allow you to keep purses, backpacks, briefcases, keys and all those things you seem to lose in the morning on the way to work or school.

The Drop Zone fits just inside house from the garage. It provides an immediate reminder to drop your outdoor gear and recharge anything that is running low on energy. You may want to assign space to every family member so that homework and other essentials are available when needed.

The cabinetry and counters will coordinate with your kitchen or other built-ins, and it can be designed to your specifications. This also may be a good storage place for big-box-store items or family essentials.

As you live in your home, you will find more and more uses for this option. So often a long day makes you ready to relax and get comfy once you’re home. Put your slippers on a bottom shelf so that you can switch immediately when you walk in, and maybe that drawer on the left should hold your stash of emergency chocolate for quick recovery after a particularly rough day at work.

Homes Designed to Meet Your Changing Needs

A few decades ago, large awkward cellular phones were the ultimate in modern communications. People displayed their lone cell phone and charger with pride displaying their technological sophistication.

Today smart phones, tablets and other micro accessories are standard features for most people and with them a need to charge multiple products at a time.

Understanding this, Fulton Homes is pleased to introduce a simple solution – its new power combo option 76031. Providing two USB unit ports along with two standard plugs, this unit can be placed wherever it would be most convenient for you and your family. The new option is available at all Fulton communities.

You don’t have to stop at just one of these. How many chargeable items are part of your household? If certain family members constantly take off for the day without their phones or i-pads, how about creating a “drop zone” near the front door or the garage with three or four of these plugs? Blackberries, Kindles, Nooks, and i-pods can be charged on a shelf and placed with purses or backpacks as people come home. Then in the morning everything is ready to go.

Another choice would be to place one or two in every bedroom so that everyone has their own charging zone. The kitchen is also a great location for creating your own home charging center. No matter where you place them, be sure to think beyond your current needs. You’ll want to plan for tomorrow’s devices when deciding how many of these units you want in your new home.