Holiday Safety Tips

Happy holidays can quickly disappear when safety is not given priority. Just a few precautions can keep your holiday celebrations merry. Here are a few basics.

Trees: If you want a live tree, choose one that is very fresh and free of mold. Before you buy your choice, shake the tree gently. If green needles fall, the tree is too old already. Also check the trunk for signs of mold and check for a musty smell. Sometimes storing them for too long or in less-than-optimal conditions leads to trees that are dry enough to be fire hazards. If you find more than one or two trees with these problems, find another lot. To keep your tree fresh for the rest of the season, cut at least one inch from the bottom of the trunk, and make sure your tree holder can handle at least a gallon of water. Check and fill the water daily.

Lights: Never put electric lights on a metallic tree. Never string more than three sets of lights together. Throw away any light sets or extension cords that are damaged or worn. Consider LED lights because they are cool to the touch. Make sure cords don’t become tripping hazards.

Decorations: If your household has children or pets, pay attention to the ornament and decoration choices. Small glass balls look tempting and can draw the attention of children. Tinsel can also prove a real risk to pets that will eat anything that looks interesting.

Take a few minutes to factor safety into your holiday plans and you and your family can have a holly jolly time!