Selling your Old House – Fixes

18572838_MWhen you’re ready to sell your current home and buy a new Fulton Homes property, take the time to analyze what fixes are worth doing and what to leave for the next owner.

Your realtor can tell you the best ways to spend money to make your home more inviting to homebuyers. Here are some of the basic steps when deciding on fix-ups.

Make a realistic assessment: After years of living in your house, you simply stop seeing things that need to be fixed. Walk around your home with a notepad and write down any easy fixes. Things such as leaky faucets, damage to the drywall or faded paint tells potential homebuyers that the house might not have been well maintained. If you have the skills, fix these things yourself. If not, hire a handyman and hand him or her the list of repairs. By having them done all at once, you will save money and efficiently have everything working properly.

Update your home’s look: Are your light fixtures dated? Would a new countertop or backsplash spark up your kitchen? Even getting new bedspreads on the beds can make a home feel fresh and inviting. Take a close look at your home. You might want to hire a decorator to come in for a few hours and give you some advice.

Let some things go: You won’t get your money back for some fixes and updates. Don’t get carried away with the renovations. If your home needs quite a bit of work, talk to your realtor about selling it “as is.” You may make less money on the sale, but you will have to invest less in fixing it up.

When you sell a house, you always have to balance investing in it with your potential return. Talk to several realtors to get the best advice on what’s worth fixing and what you shouldn’t worry about.